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Class of 2022 Career Outcomes Report: SSE Graduates Flourishing

The numbers are in and nearly all 2022 graduates from Stevens Institute of Technology’s School of Systems and Enterprises are securing desired outcomes and high starting salaries. According to Stevens’ Undergraduate Class of 2022 Career Outcomes Report, which was released on Feb. 23, more than 97% of SSE graduates secured their desired outcomes within six months of commencement.

SSE offers three undergraduate programs: Engineering Management, Industrial & Systems Engineering, and Software Engineering.

Engineering Management and Industrial & Systems Engineering graduates were combined for the purpose of this report, with 100% of graduates from both programs securing their desired outcomes. In total, 43% joined the professional workforce while 57% opted for continuing education. Those graduates who secured jobs are making an average of $73,000 per year.

Contrastingly, Software Engineering graduates largely opted to begin their professional careers. Of the 97% of Software Engineering graduates who secured outcomes, 70% are employed. Considering Software Engineering graduates earned an average starting salary of $96,500, it’s easy to understand why so many graduates joined the workforce. The $96,500 salary is the second highest starting salary among all of Stevens’ undergraduate offerings, the most of all engineering disciplines and nearly $20,000 more than the average of all engineering program graduates.

“This report shows the continued strong demand for SSE graduates,” said Anthony Barrese, interim dean of the School of Systems and Enterprises. “Our graduates are finding good jobs quickly and the strong starting salaries are indicative of the value our students bring to the workplace.”

Altogether, 97.3% of Stevens 2022 graduates secured desired outcomes within six months, combining for an average starting salary of $84,700. Female graduates secured desired outcomes at a 99% rate with an average starting salary of $79,600.

Data for this report is collected and disseminated in accordance with the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Standards and Protocol for Graduating Undergraduate Students Initial Career Outcomes Information.

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