Flexible Work Arrangement

Learn more about Stevens plan to re-examine the way we work.

Flexible Work Arrangement

Learn more about Stevens plan to re-examine the way we work.

Stevens Institute of Technology strives to foster a culture of Excellence in All We Do.   An integral part of this goal includes attracting, retaining, and rewarding outstanding staff who add to the intellectual vibrancy of our campus and help propel the University to higher levels of achievement.  Stevens understands that its staff and prospective candidates value flexibility and work-life balance and seek a work environment that will help them thrive, professionally and personally.

Recognizing the evolution of work in higher education, Stevens is continuing the Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA) program, with modifications, for the 2022-2023 academic year.

New Five Key Objectives:

The FWA program has five key objectives:

  • Maintain student centricity focus;

  • Enhance sustainable ways of working that reduce office footprint and expenses;

  • Increase employee engagement and retention;

  • Increase opportunities to attract top talent as the modern workforce prioritizes work life balance; and

  • Increase the ability of the University to operate virtually at any time and respond quickly to unexpected future events.

As not all staff positions lend themselves to flexible work arrangements, the availability of flexible work arrangements will vary by school, unit and position based on the business and operational needs of the unit and position responsibilities. FWA designation will be made on a case-by-case basis and will be dependent on the best interests of Stevens as determined by its goals and objectives.

The FWA will be subject to the continuous approval of the President and Cabinet, which reserves the right to cease or modify the program at any time. The community will be given advance notice of any significant program changes. 

Click here to learn read the Stevens Flexible Work Arrangement Guidelines

Trainings, Tools and Resources

Manager Training

Set your staff up for success in this new way of working

Key topics include: 

  • The importance of building and maintaining trust

  • Setting performance and productivity expectations and outcomes

  • Measuring progress and performance

  • Managing a hybrid team and maintaining engagement and social cohesion

  • Tools that facilitate collaboration and communication for the hybrid workforce

Click Here to review the Stevens Manager Powerpoint Presentation

Employee Training

Set yourself staff up for success in this new way of working

Key topics include: 

  • The Importance of communication

  • Understanding performance expectations

  • Reporting progress and challenges

  • Being available, accountable and engaged

  • Tools for hybrid work and teams

Click Here to review the Stevens Employee Powerpoint Presentation

IT Training

The OneIT team offers an array of services and resources for the Stevens community, visit support.stevens.edu to learn more and get support.

Tools & Resources

Hybrid workforce tips for all employees

Key topics include: 


View answers to FAQs regarding flexible work arrangement

For questions related to the transition to on-campus work or flexible work arrangements, please contact your Manager or [email protected] 

Click here for FWA FAQ's