* * * REPORT A CONCERN * * * 

Welcome to the Stevens Institute of Technology Public Reporting Form. This form is open to all students, faculty, staff, guests, and visitors to report incidents that happen within our community. This form is not designed to be used for emergencies. If you want to report an emergency, contact Campus Police at 201-216-3911. Please review all categories below and choose the appropriate category by clicking on the title to start the appropriate form. 

blink Academic Concern
Submit a report for a concern related to a course, curriculum, or instructor that is not Honor System related
blinkCampus Incident 
Submit a report for an incident related to the campus safety, maintenance, disturbance, bias-related incident, complaint, conflict, etc

blinkCARE Report 

If this is a life-threatening emergency call Campus Police at 201.216.3911.

Submit a report for a concern about a persons well-being, mental health, change in behavior, etc.
blinkGraduate Student Code of Academic Integrity
Submit a report for a graduate academic integrity violation to the Office of Graduate Academics
blinkHonor System Violation
Submit a report to the Stevens Honor Board for an incident related to an Honor System violation. 
blinkInternational, Study Abroad, Service Trip, and Away from Campus Report 
Submit a report for an incident that has occurred away from Stevens campus, either internationally, study abroad, service trip, or any location away from campus
blinkParking or Shuttle Concerns
Submit a report for an incident related to Stevens parking or Stevens shuttle concerns
blinkSummer Semester Incident (June 1 - August 5)
Submit a report for an incident that has occured during a summer program at Stevens (June 1 - August 5)

blinkUncategorized (Other)
Submit a report for all other concerns
Please include your email address if you would like a response.