The Office of the Registrar, stewards of academic records maintenance, is committed to serving the Stevens Institute of Technology community and the public in a courteous, accurate, and expeditious manner.  With knowledge, integrity, and energy, we aim to improve the client experience and University reputation through coordinated, customer-centric services that exceed expectations.

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Phone: 201.216.3756

Fax: 201.216.8030

E-mail: [email protected]

Location: 1 Castle Point Terrace, Howe Center, 7th Floor

Hours: Monday- Friday 9am-5pm

Upcoming Office Closure(s)

Due to COVID-19, the Office of the Registar is serving you virtually. Please email us at [email protected] for assistance. 

Registration for 2020 Summer I, Summer II and Fall terms

Registration for the 2020 Summer I, 2020 Summer II and 2020 Fall terms is open.

Enrollment must be done on-line. If permission is required for enrollment, use the Adobe Acrobat PDF forms available via the Forms link in the right column.  Use the fill in capabilities of the PDF form, the digital signature, save it as a PDF form, and forward the PDF form to the next office in the signature block of the form.  They will sign it and forward it to the next office, and so on, until it reaches the Office of the Registrar.


Stevens is committed to promoting a safe, healthy and flexible university and campus environment. Accordingly, due to various uncertainties generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, this information is subject to change and Stevens reserves the right to modify its programming, services and facilities as part of its ongoing efforts to maintain its educational activities and support the well-being of all members of the Stevens community.