First-year Schedule

Welcome, new Ducks!

The Office of the Registrar has provided tools to help prepare you for your first semester at Stevens.

As an incoming first-year undergraduate student, you will be registering for your first semester courses at the end of July. To prepare for registration, you will need to take the following steps:

Complete the Stevens Overview of Advising and Registration (SOAR) course.

Information about this Canvas course will be sent to you via email in early June. This course must be completed by July 1. Please note that you will not be able to move forward in the registration process without completing the SOAR course.

Complete the Math Assessment (if applicable to your major) by July 1.

The math assessment must be completed by the following majors:

  • All Engineering majors

  • Biology, Chemical Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Mathematics, - Physics

  • Quantitative Finance

  • Quantitative Social Science

If your major is not listed, you are not required to take the math assessment and you may skip this step.

Attend your Small Group Advising Session (July 10-July 21)

This is an important step to ensure that you are selecting the correct courses. Dates and times will be provided to you.

Register for Classes (July 24-August 4)

Once you have completed all previous steps, you will be given an enrollment appointment between July 24and August 4. The Office of Undergraduate Academics and the Office of the Registrar will be available daily via Zoom to provide assistance during this time. The Zoom link is available in the SOAR course.

Below are some key terms that will help you understand your Stevens courses.

Course Listing 

MA = Math (course subject) 121 = course number Differential Calculus = course title

- this includes the course subject, course number and course title (ex. MA 121 - Differential Calculus) 


- semester hours for the course and potential number of credits to be earned for course

Grading Basis 

- method by which the course will be graded

Graded - student is taking this course for a grade

Blank - grade will be entered on the graded portion of this course


- specific class information for your course. Many courses offer several sections each semester. (ex. In MA 121-E, your course section would be E)

Please note that some courses may include multiple formats, such as workshops, lectures and recitations. 

Instructional Format 

- refers to the type of instruction for the course

Lecture = delivered in-person or online by a professor

Recitation = review material in a small group

Workshop = themes and concepts or the development of a skill

Laboratory = provides students hands on experience

Independent Study/Internship = meeting days/times determined by instructor

Delivery Mode 

- refers to the way that the course meets

In-Person, Online or Hybrid (mix of in-person and online)

Meeting Pattern 

- days and times that the course takes place 

Registration Status 

- status of enrollment 

Registered = enrolled in course


- name of course instructor

Start Date/End Date 

- semester start and end information

Additional Course Numbering and Grading Information

Building Codes (requires log in to Stevens Intranet)


Some math classes (including the calculus sequence) are two credit hours each and are split into the first seven weeks and the second seven weeks of the semester. When registering for courses, you will be required to select both components.

AP, IB and Transfer Credit

AP, IB and transfer credits must be received by June 30. The Office of the Registrar will then data enter non-Stevens courses and the Office of Undergraduate Academics will add the Stevens course equivalency. When you are attending your small group advising sessions, it is important that you provide the advisors with any transfer credit information so that they can assist you in selecting the correct courses.

If any credits are missing after turning in your official transcript please email [email protected] from your email address. Include your student ID and the type of credit (AP, IB, transfer). If you are emailing about transfer credit, please also include the school attended, date taken and the date you submitted your official transcript to Stevens. We will review this information and respond accordingly. Questions regarding awarded transfer credits should be directed to the Office of Undergraduate Academics ([email protected]).

Academic and Faculty Advisors

As part of our First-year Advising System, every entering student is assigned an academic and a faculty advisor for their major. Your advisor's information may be found in to Workday.  Faculty advisors will be assigned during the fall semester.

You will have several opportunities throughout orientation to interact with your academic advisor and peer mentor. Learn more about orientation.


Workday Modules

Academic Catalog