New Undergraduate Transfer Students

Please provide copies of all final, official transcripts. Transcripts must be sent directly from the external college or university. We cannot accept transcripts from students.

Welcome to Stevens!

Below are some reminders and tools to prepare you for your first semester.

As a first semester undergraduate transfer student, you will work closely with the Office of Undergraduate Academics and your designated academic advisor regarding your transfer coursework and first-semester schedule.

Once you have submitted your enrollment deposit, your transfer credit evaluation (TCE) will be sent to you and to your academic advisor for review. Your advisor will then create a first-semester schedule tailored for you and the Office of the Registrar will register you for your courses.

If you have questions about this process or the status of your transfer credits, please contact [email protected]. Please use your Stevens email and include your student ID number in any communications.

Workday Onboarding and Holds

All incoming students are required to complete the Workday onboarding tasks. To complete your onboarding, you must specify an emergency contact. When entering your parent, guardian or next of kin, please check the “emergency contact” option. Failure to do so will result in your onboarding tasks remaining incomplete.

It is also important to review and understand any holds on your Workday account. Holds can be added to your account for several reasons, but each hold will include a description and instructions for resolution. Please contact the appropriate office with any questions or to resolve outstanding holds.

Important Terms

Course Listing 

MA = Math (course subject) 121 = course number Differential Calculus = course title

Includes the course subject, course number and course title (ex. MA 121 - Differential Calculus) 


Semester hours for the course and potential number of credits to be earned for course

Grading Basis 

Method by which the course will be graded

Graded = student is taking this course for a grade

Blank = grade will be entered on the graded portion of this course


Specific class information for your course. Many courses offer several sections each semester. (Example: In MA 121-E, your course section would be E.)

Please note that some courses may include multiple formats, such as workshops, lectures and recitations. 

Instructional Format 

Refers to the type of instruction for the course

Lecture = delivered in person or online by a professor

Recitation = review material in a small group

Workshop = themes and concepts or the development of a skill

Laboratory = provides students hands on experience

Independent Study/Internship = meeting days/times determined by instructor

Delivery Mode 

Refers to the way that the course meets

In-Person, Online or Hybrid (mix of in-person and online)

Meeting Pattern 

Days and times that the course takes place 

Registration Status 

Status of enrollment 

Registered = enrolled in course


Name of course instructor

Start Date/End Date 

Semester start and end information

Additional Course Numbering and Grading Information

Building Codes (requires log in to Stevens Intranet)


Some math classes (including the calculus sequence) are two credit hours each and are split into the first seven weeks and the second seven weeks of the semester.

Academic and Faculty Advisors

Every entering student is assigned an academic and a faculty advisor for their major. Your advisor's information may be found in Workday. Faculty advisors will be assigned during the fall semester.


Workday Modules

Academic Catalog