Academic Planning

Academic Advising and the Office of the Registrar — Resources that Work in Partnership with You

As you plan your time at Stevens, make sure you understand how to make the most of the distinct resources the university provides all of its students.

Your academic advisor 

The Office of the Registrar

Is your best resource for ensuring you select the correct courses 

Can submit requests such as enrollment changes and closed-course requests on your behalf 

Can assist with changes in your program completion date 

Processes requests, through Workday, once all approvals have been received

Plan your courses and discuss your requests with your academic advisor before you contact the Registrar’s Office. Planning alternative schedules, consulting with your coaches if you are a student athlete and understanding your academic plan will ensure the smoothest possible registration.

How to locate your academic advisor

Preparing to Register

Before attempting to register for classes, be sure to:

Note the dates when registration begins, then carry out the steps outlined below well in advance.

Schedule a meeting with your academic advisor to ensure you select the correct courses for your academic plan. You can find your advisor through the “Academics” screen in Workday. 

Check your Workday account for registration holds. Holds may be put on your account because of outstanding balances, incomplete onboarding tasks or other reasons. Work with the appropriate office (e.g. Student Accounts) to clear any holds so you can register during your allotted timeframe. 

If you submitted an Application for Transfer Credit and sent official transcripts from external institutions for review, check your Workday account to ensure these credits have been posted. If you have questions about pending transfer credits, email [email protected] for help. 

If you are an undergraduate student and plan to take a graduate-level course, submit an Undergraduate Permission to Take Graduate Courses request in Workday. 

If you intend to request a pre-requisite override, submit a Request Course Section Pre-Requisite Override in Workday. It is important to familiarize yourself with the pre-requisites for the course in question and work with your academic advisor to ensure that you are choosing the correct course and section. 

If you are unable to create an alternative plan for a specific course and need to submit a closed course request, you must work with your academic advisor to submit. Students are unable to submit closed course requests on their own. 

Transfer Credit Information