Attendance Verification

To comply with Federal Title IV Financial Aid regulations, the University is obligated to report whether a registered student has been attending classes. To streamline reporting, all instructors are required to verify that an enrolled student has attended class at least once after the Add/Drop period.

Attendance Verification will become available after the end of add/drop. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates. 

FAQ about Attendance Verification 

Why is enrollment verification necessary? Enrollment verification is mandatory and is a Title IV requirement.

If an enrolled student has never attended a session of the course or participated in the course since the beginning of the semester, the university must withdraw the student and return federal financial aid funds to the Department of Education.

Who needs to verify enrollment?

All faculty, adjuncts, and teaching assistants teaching a class must verify attendance for the specified term. Instructors teaching Webcampus courses are also responsible for submitting enrollment verification.

What is considered as attending or participating?

If a student has attended at least one session of the class, logged into Canvas, posted information on a discussion board, submitted any assignments, or completed any exams or quizzes, they should be considered as attending.If a student has attended and is no longer attending, they should be marked as no longer attending and the last date of attendance should be entered in Workday.

I have been here for X years, why is this happening now?  I have never had to do this.

Beginning in the Fall 2023, we have implemented several enhancements to the Attendance Verification process for all students in all classes.  This means that in accordance with Title IV funding, all instructors must verify if a student has attended their course.

Will Attendance Verification impact me if I don’t have any financial aid?

Yes, Attendance Verification must be reported for all students. Although you may not have financial aid now, you may file a FAFSA in the future and receive financial aid. If you previously filed a FAFSA and received federal loans, your correct enrollment must be reported to the National Student Loan Data System to stay in compliance with federal law. In addition, Attendance Verification also confirms eligibility and ensures that you stay on track for any for state aid and institutional aid; not attending class is likely to impact your academic progress, which determines eligibility for retaining aid such as athletic or merit scholarships.

What If I miss my classes during the Attendance Verification Period?

Students who receive financial aid and do not attend classes will lose a portion or all of their financial aid.

How will I know if I have been reported as absent in a class (es)?

The Registrar’s Office will send an alert message to your Stevens email to confirm if you have been reported as absent and include exactly which professor(s)/course(s) have reported you as non-attending. Please be sure to check your Stevens email for this important alert!

What should I do if my professor made an error?

Please contact your professor first. If there was an error in your attendance, then have the professor put in an IT service ticket item. 

To Verify Enrollment in Workday: 

  • The Verify Participation for My Course Section

     can be found by selecting Teaching in the Application section on your Workday homepage. The default for each student is Attending.

  • If a student has:

    • attended one or more sessions of the course and is no longer attending, please click on No Longer Attending and enter the Last Date of Attendance.

    • never attended or participated in the course, please click Did Not Attend.

  • Here is a link to the Workday user guide: Verify Participation for My Course Section

Attendance Verification Scenarios:



All Students attending

Attending is the default assignment for all students on the roster. If all students are attending for the term, please click OK.

Student has NEVER attended

This option should be selected if the student(s) never attended class since the start of the semester. Every student that has never attended should be marked as Did Not Attend.

Student has STOPPED attending

Select this option if the student attended one or a few sessions of the course and stopped:

attending a synchronous class, lecture, recitation, or field or laboratory activity, physically or online, where there is an opportunity for interaction between the instructor and students. 

submitting academic assignments. 

taking assessments or exams. 

participating in interactive tutorials, webinars, or other interactive computer-assisted instructions.

participating in study groups, group projects, or online discussions assigned by the institution. 

interacting with an instructor about academic matters. 

In these cases, the student(s) should be marked as No Longer Attending. Please enter the Last Date of Attendance in the date field on the right.