Registration Procedures

Registration Procedures

 Detailed information about Closed Courses and Waitlists may be found at MyStevens. 

Registration FAQ

Information for Undergrads in Graduate Courses

Please be advised that the Graduate Committee has determined that undergraduate students taking 600-level courses or higher in the School of Engineering and Science, the School of Systems and Enterprises or the College of Arts and Letters and 500-level courses or higher in the School of Business must be given explicit permission to do so. The student needs to complete a request in Workday Student.

Undergraduates that have submitted an approved academic plan and are in good (graduate) academic standing do not need to get the above-mentioned course-by-course approval.

Undergrads in WebCampus Courses

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students may, with junior standing and the permission of their advisor, enroll in up to two online web courses per semester. Students with a 3.2 or higher GPA may take a third web course. These classes are counted as part of the student's regular semester credit load. Students wishing to take more than two (or three with a GPA of 3.2 or higher) online web courses require the permission of the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Academics, and will incur additional charges at the undergraduate per-credit tuition rate for these classes regardless of whether or not they exceed the credit-load limit. Undergraduates are not permitted to enroll in the Winter or the Spring 2 WebCampus semesters.

Any questions, contact Erol Cesmebasi

International Students

International students in F-1 immigration status should keep in mind that immigration regulations permit them to count only one online course (3 credits) toward their full-time requirement in each regular (fall and spring) semester. Therefore, while Stevens permits them to take 2 online courses per semester at no additional cost, they must generally be enrolled in a minimum of 15 credits, at least 9 of which must be in regular campus courses, to maintain their immigration status. For additional details and questions, please see the International Student and Scholar Services office. Any questions contact ISSS.

Graduate Student Registration


Once you have received your acceptance letter, we encourage you to enroll online using Workday Student. If you have not used Workday Student before, click here for instructions. With Workday Student, students can view their own academic progress report and records, change their personal information, view grades and transcripts, view their account statement and make payments. 

The schedule of classes is available through Workday Student.

Academic Plans

An approved academic plan is necessary for all students pursuing a degree, as only courses shown on your approved plan will count toward your degree requirements. You may create your academic plan through Workday Student.

Registration for classes in your first semester at Stevens is permitted without an academic plan. During the first semester you are expected to register in the core courses required for your degree, as shown in the catalog, and/or in any courses that were stipulated in your acceptance letter (students in School of Business programs can defer the stipulated courses).

Health Insurance Requirements

All full-time students and all international students on a J-1 or F-1 visa are required to have health insurance. All full-time students will be charged for health insurance unless a waiver is applied for. Health Insurance is also available to all part-time students. Information on the policy and waivers is available on the web at

Health Services Requirements

All new full-time students are required to fill out a Student Health Record Form. More information can be found at the Student Health Services web site, where you can find information on student immunization requirements and meningitis disease.

One of the many Stevens resources available to students is Health Services. These services include health promotion and disease prevention, care during acute and chronic phases of illness, and referrals to outside providers when appropriate.

International Graduate Student Registration

F-1/J-1 Visa Requirements

All new International Students must check in with ISSS prior to being allowed to enroll. Students holding F-1 or J-1 Visas must enroll for a minimum of 9.0 credits each Fall or Spring semester unless one of the following circumstances exist and a Certification of Full-Time Enrollment Form is approved and on file with the International Student and Scholars Services office:

  • The student taking the doctoral qualifying examinations within the next 4 months; approval by Director required.

  • The student is in the last semester and requires less than 9.0 credits to complete the degree (remaining credits for degree required).

  • Other special circumstances exist (approval by academic advisor or the Dean of Graduate Studies required).

F-1 or J-1 Visas holders are not required to be enrolled during the Summer Sessions. International students can find other helpful information at ISSS.

Undergraduate Registration Policies

Registration Policies, Procedures and Instructions

Please enroll online using Workday Student. The real-time functionality of online enrollment gives you the best opportunity to get the classes you want. Please remember that the course schedule is always subject to change; if a course is cancelled or rescheduled by the department after you have registered, the Registrar's Office will inform you by email.

Before Registration

  • Check Onboarding Tasks

  • Check Registration Holds

  • Review Academic Requirements

  • Create Alternative Schedules

  • Submit Pre-requisite Overrides

  • Request Permission for Graduate Courses