Research Projects at Stevens Institute for Artificial Intelligence

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Our researchers continually develop AI and machine learning-powered innovations that address key challenges in healthcare, finance, cybersecurity, robotics, sustainability and other critical fields.

SIAI Director Brendan Englot discusses his research on developing AI-powered autonomous navigation systems for underwater robots.

Research Partnerships

Stevens Institute for Artificial Intelligence collaborates with corporate and government partners on a wide variety of research projects. Learn more about our partnership with Eastech Flow Controls and find out how you can partner with Stevens.

A History of Developing Impactful AI Applications

See some of the past and ongoing AI-related research being conducted by members of Stevens Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

Mosaic-colored glass house by a New York City river

The Hidden Patterns in Us: AI to Predict Human Events

Stevens computer scientist Yue Ning designs AI to unlock patterns in data that can forecast civil unrest, hate speech, epidemics — maybe even a looming heart attack

Calculator with the word "BIAS" on the screen

Exposing — and Eliminating — the Hidden Biases in AI

Computer scientist Jia Xu works to pinpoint, analyze and remove potential sources of bias from the AI systems that approve or deny our mortgages, recommend jail sentences for criminals and more

Bridge in New York City at night

Safer Bridges, Through Smarter AI

Stevens co-develops method that integrates relevant data from multiple sources, learning and analyzing with more predictive power

screenshot of the Ashokan Reservoir

NASA Funds Stevens AI to Help Monitor NYC Water Supply

Professor Marouane Temimi builds a tool that combines remote sensing and hydraulic modeling to enhance water supply and reservoir management.

graphic of AI brain connecting to medical technology

Stevens Team Secures $1.19 Million from the DoD to Advance Robot-Assisted Exercise Therapy

Professors Damiano Zanotto and Kishore Pochiraju use artificial intelligence (AI) driven cyber-physical design to individualize treatment modalities for patients who have suffered lower limb trauma.

depiction of AI and sustainability

Dr. Carlo Lipizzi and Stevens Faculty Awarded First Place in Siemens Tech for Sustainability Campaign

Professor Carlo Lipizzi has developed a system that uses AI, machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for data acquisition and manipulation to identify sustainability projects across industries.

abstract biomed image

Kleinberg Receives $2.3 Million to Develop Artificial Intelligence that Improves Doctor–Patient Collaborations

Professor Samantha Kleinberg uses machine learning to analyze sensor data from stroke patients in medical centers, research that will better inform stroke diagnosis and treatment.

abstract image of a heart

Stevens Heart-Monitoring Systems Integrate Wearable Sensors, Radars and AI to Listen To Your Heartbeat

Stevens professor Negar Tavassolian develops new ways of imaging the surface of the skin and sensing our heartbeats, then processes those signals with new algorithms curated to intelligently detect skin cancer tumors and irregular heartbeats.

abstract image of AI brain

This Stevens Algorithm May Help Identify Early Signs of Alzheimer's By Scanning Social Media Posts, Phone Calls

Professor K.P. Subbalakshmi built an AI-fueled application that has demonstrated it can detect early-warning signs of Alzheimer's disease, dementia and aphasia by analyzing text and voice based communications.