In today's complex and competitive world of data and technology, the challenges facing us on a global level in the areas of healthcare, cybersecurity, environment, natural and man-made disasters have created a new demand for a new type of professional. This professional will deal in "big data," data visualization and data analytics, modeling uncertainty in systems, decision analysis and developing a quantitative approach to engineering the management of enterprises.

In such a challenging and fast-paced environment, the critical role of an engineering manager calls for an individual skilled in the creation, application and management of technology to solve complex issues, invent new processes and products, build new enterprises, and who can gain actionable insights from their data.

At the School of Systems and Enterprises, a Master of Engineering in engineering management provides our students with a strong understanding of the technology involved in engineering projects and the management process through which the technology is applied. The goal is to create engineers who can interface between the technical and business aspects, and contribute the most value to their respective enterprises.

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