The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in systems engineering is designed to develop the ability of the student to perform high-impact research and high-level design that will contribute significantly in the advancement and growth of the field of systems engineering.

“Within the systems industry or domain, the systems engineering program from Stevens is really at the top. The unique combination of industry and traditional professors make the program practical and fully practice-oriented.”

Alejandro salado, PH.D IN SYSTEMS ENGINEERING, Assistant professor, virginia tech

The programs trains students to become successful researchers, practitioners and educators who apply a systems approach to navigate and manage complex systems and enterprises, and who can address systems integration, life cycle issues and systems thinking at the system, systems of systems and enterprise levels.

Students explore the synergism between engineering, systems and management, learn to view challenges from all angles, see the big picture, and become a 'systems-thinker' who understands the nature and complexity of enterprise-wide problems and creates elegant solutions to achieve breakthrough results.

Engineer Solutions that Span Industries

Students develop the skills to conduct rigorous research and develop solutions for diverse domains including, healthcare, financial services, infrastructure systems, defense and energy systems.

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