The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Engineering Management degree program prepares students to perform the compelling research and high-level design that will advance the field of engineering management across areas including as finance, manufacturing, public policy and the service sector. 

“The multidisciplinary collaborations that can take place at the School of Systems & Enterprises are the best aspect of the engineering management doctoral program. Collaborations with researchers from other areas enrich the quality of the research and learning experience, and the technical knowledge ultimately acquired is of the highest quality.”

Dante Gamma Dessarve, Ph.D. '17, engineering Management

The Ph.D. program centers on a curriculum that underscores systems thinking and integrates elements of management, technology and the social sciences. Through the program, students will explore the synergism between technology and business practices while developing the skillset necessary to conduct rigorous research in areas related to the design, improvement and management of projects and programs within complex human/technological systems. This dynamic, focused training enables students to conduct in-depth analyses of the complex financial, organizational and technological issues that characterize the increasingly interconnected, competitive and challenging world.