When it comes to research, the School of Business draws its inspiration from the problem-solving legacy of Stevens' DNA.

Throughout the university's history, its faculty have uncovered breakthroughs that have benefited society and business by focusing on areas of real need in the world. The School of Business is no different.

Faculty at the School of Business work collaboratively to seek answers to some of the most challenging questions facing businesses today.
Stevens researchers emphasize a collaborative approach that brings varied management perspectives to modern business problems.

The pursuit of knowledge at the School of Business is driven by a desire to solve real-world problems faced by executives in a variety of industries who grapple with questions about how technology can actually create opportunities, streamline processes and create greater efficiencies for their enterprises. This is evidenced by the many companies that seek out Stevens faculty for consulting work. School of Business faculty also publish their research in some of the most influential journals in academia, and the school's research is well recognized on the Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN), which tracks downloads of faculty by institution. The School of Business has a strong and growing presence on SSRN.

Among the research questions being explored by School of Business faculty:

  • What types of leadership can be most effective in a technical environment?
  • How does team learning occur in an R&D project, and how is innovation created?
  • What are the profile characteristics of a successful project manager?
  • How can uncertainty be accounted for in a major project?
  • Why do successful companies struggle with new business models outside their core?

Research Specialties

Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Focuses on how creativity, innovation and technology-based entrepreneurship spur the generation of ideas, products and processes, while also determining the best way to apply findings related to that understanding.

Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Stevens
German Creamer, Ph.D.

Collaboration, Networks and Markets

Identifies programs, platforms and protocols that help organizations understand the changing nature of teams, organizational hierarchy, crowds and markets.

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Decision Analytics and Big Data

Involves implementing methods and systems to build, gather and analyze collective intelligence to help companies take advantage of sensor and online data.

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