When managers talk about bringing analytics and evidence-based decisions to the business, it usually means they're about to hire a Stevens student.

Whether as interns or early-career professionals, Stevens business students are trusted with high-profile assignments in areas like disruptive technologies, optimization, strategic marketing, predictive analytics and risk assessment, because corporate managers know these skills are at the core of their education. Stevens students also are excellent presenters and collaborators thanks to assignments that require working in teams to manage timelines, complete projects, and report findings to peers and industry guests.

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Career success by the numbers

Impressing on internships

Stevens students bring a versatile blend of business and technology skills to work — a key reason they are so highly sought for summer assignments and early-career roles.

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Finding success through internships

An edge in career services

A group of students listens as a career counselor offers advice on résumé preparation.

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Stevens students are supported in their quest for internships and jobs through a career center that has been ranked among the best in the nation by The Princeton Review.

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