Chemical engineers design, operate, and improve a wide range of chemical processes that are vital to our society. Graduates of the Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science (CEMS) are equipped with a broad foundation from which to launch careers not only in the traditional petrochemical industry, specialty chemicals industry, and environmental engineering, but also in such high-tech areas as biochemical and biomedical engineering, electronic and semi-conductor processing, ceramics, plastics and other high-performance materials and electrochemical processing.

Materials science impacts nearly all industrial activities and has been a key enabler of the technological advances that have shaped the modern world. Students of this dynamic discipline learn new materials development from molecular and nanoscale design, to highly controlled synthesis and assembly, to incorporation of their functionality into components, devices, or systems. Courses in the Stevens program also address sustainability issues related to our finite materials resources and the impact of materials utilization and disposal on the environment.

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The Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (CEMS) provides a technologically advanced research environment in several exciting areas to address the significant problems of our time.

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