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Gain the skills to develop innovative, high-performance materials in biomedicine, electronic device processing and many other areas.

The Stevens materials science and engineering Ph.D. program combines a renowned faculty and world-class facilities in a unique environment infused with an entrepreneurial ethos. Here, you’ll have the freedom and resources to pursue the research avenues that interest you most. You’ll graduate primed for success in a broad range of industries that require the design of electronics, alternative energy sources and biomedical solutions. Our alumni are highly sought-after by universities, corporations and government institutions.

The Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science offers dynamic opportunities to explore leading-edge research within a close community of faculty mentors. You'll be able to study under a faculty mentor in the area that you find most exciting:

  •  Self-assembly of organic semiconductors for improved solar collection efficiency

  • Structural and chemical surface modification for antimicrobial surfaces on biomedical devices

  • Nanostructured optical fibers for thermal energy harvesting and sensing in harsh environments

  • New battery materials and microstructures for energy storage

The chemical engineering and materials science department facilitates research in fields such as sustainable energy and issues related to our finite materials resources and the impact of materials utilization and disposal on the environment.

Hands-On Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Research

At Stevens, you have the ability to join research groups with students at a variety of levels of experience, and outstanding faculty so you can learn cutting-edge technology as a team, just like in the real-world. In our state-of-the-art research labs and facilities, you'll have the opportunity to engage in experiential learning.

The Stevens Advantage

Outside of the classroom and lab, Stevens offers unique resources to facilitate your professional success. The Chemical and Materials Student Association hosts guest lectures and provides leadership opportunities. Stevens’ location near New York City and the New Jersey pharmaceutical corridor allows students to network with potential employers at scores of organizations, corporations and universities.

More Advantages to Our Program

  • Application-oriented research

  • Highly collaborative environment

  • Access to leading research universities and national laboratories in the New York City metropolitan area

  • Collaborations with industry and medical research centers

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