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Technology Management Master's Program

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Bachelor of Science


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The challenges facing managers are increasingly as much about technology as they are about people.

The master’s degree in Technology Management at Stevens is designed to give you the skills and perspective required to lead in environments where technology is central to the mission — and at a pace that's ideal for professionals. Rather than taking classes after a busy day in the office, you'll do so on alternating Saturdays as part of a cohort of experienced professionals. Faculty in this program are particularly distinguished for their corporate experience, and their insights from research and the workplace will prepare you for the challenges of leadership in the digital age.

After completing the program, most students continue for another year to earn an EMBA, which offers a more comprehensive examination of leadership topics and an international business component that includes a visit to another country. 

The Technology Management master's curriculum is tailored to the needs of experienced professionals eager to develop new skills in data-driven decision-making, strategic management, and teaming and leadership. Fast-paced classes draw on both the professor's research and industry expertise as well as the work insights you and your fellow students bring to the discussion. 

Core curriculum

Course scheduling

Courses are taken in cohort fashion, meaning each class of students goes through the courses together. This allows for shared experiences from the workplace to shape learning and encourages deep connections between professionals, who work closely together on projects and presentations throughout their time in the master's program. The cohort experience is continued for students who go on to the EMBA program for an additional year.


Year One

Year Two


EMT 740 Team Leadership Development

EMT 696 Design Thinking


EMT 606 Economics

EMT 715 Strategic Management


EMT 642 Marketing Strategy

EMT 752 Corporate Entrepreneurship


EMT 624 Financial and Managerial Accounting

EMT 657 Operations Management


West Point leadership retreat



EMT 623 Financial Management



EMT 677 Managing Emerging Technology


The master's program in Technology Management is for part-time students with significant work experience who are able to attend classes on campus every other Saturday. The degree takes less than two years to complete.

Application deadlines

Because of the weekends-only nature of the program, the master's in Technology Management is considered a part-time degree. Therefore, applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Students can start the program in the spring or summer semesters, but it is strongly recommended that you enroll in the fall, so as to be fully immersed in the program's unique cohort experience.

Admission criteria

he demanding nature of your coursework in this master's program requires you to have at least five years' professional experience. To be considered for admission, your application must also include the following. Because of the extensive work experience required for admission to this program, GMAT or GRE scores are not required. If you have taken either exam, you are encouraged to report your score, but it is not a requirement.