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School of Business - Student Exchange and Study Abroad Programs

Globalization and technology have transformed the business world.

It’s beneficial to include an international business component in your college years to fully prepare you for the challenges and opportunities transformed by globalization and technology. At the School of Business, we encourage you to broaden your worldview through our robust student exchange programs, a weeklong study abroad program, or an International Business concentration.

Student Exchange

Study Abroad Student in GreeceSpending a semester abroad as part of the undergraduate student exchange program at the School of Business is the best way to experience how different cultures, histories, and experiences shape business in other countries.

Choose from a wide selection of programs in over a hundred countries and immerse yourself in a new culture that will make a lasting difference in your personal and professional life. 

As a Stevens student on an exchange program, you will: 

  • Challenge your assumptions about learning and business in other countries.

  • Increase your openness to new opportunities.

  • Make friends for life as you live and study in a new country. 

  • Reflect on how your own culture has shaped your understanding of the world. 

Keep in mind:

  • You'll have to plan a course of study with your academic advisor, ideally a year before you plan to travel. Each partner university has courses equivalent to a Stevens required course, as well as classes that can fulfill elective or international business requirements. It is very important that you not take the Stevens courses if you plan to take the equivalent courses while abroad!

  • Semesters in some countries run on a different calendar than at Stevens. For these programs, it may be possible to return to the United States before the end of the semester abroad, to take your final exams here. Consult the Office of International Programs and your academic advisor before making travel plans. 

  • You are advised to join an exchange program in your junior year. Students are ineligible to participate as freshmen or seniors, though they can take part in short study abroad programs.

  • To join an exchange program, you must be in good academic standing, have a GPA of at least 2.75, have completed at least one year of study at Stevens, and have no outstanding conduct issues.

To sign up for an exchange program, or to learn more about what's involved in spending a semester living in another country, contact the Office of International Programs.

List of Exchange Universities

University of Strasbourg logoStrasbourg, France: University of Strasbourg

Located in one of the largest cities in eastern France, the University of Strasbourg is situated in the beautiful Alsace region, very close to the German border. Seventeen Strasbourg alumni have been recognized with Nobel prizes. 

Dates: Apply by May 15 for the fall semester or full year. Apply by Oct. 1 for the spring semester.

Housing: Exchange students are eligible to live on campus. There is extensive off-campus housing, also. 

Ideal for students pursuing an International Business concentration. Consult your advisor to create a study plan.

Athens University of Economics and Business logoAthens, Greece: Athens University of Economics and Business

One of the world’s oldest cities and the birthplace of democracy, Athens is home to such cultural treasures as the Parthenon, Acropolis and Philopappos Monument. Students who study at AUEB are able to revel in ancient history while taking in the beauty of the Greek islands.

Dates: All applications are due in July.

Housing: Exchange students are guaranteed housing by AUEB, both on campus and in Athens. 

Consult your advisor to create a study plan.

University of Amsterdam logoAmsterdam, the Netherlands: University of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known worldwide for its unique narrow houses, elaborate canal system and artistic heritage, all inspiring reminders of the 17th-century Dutch Golden Age. The city is a cyclist’s dream, with 400 kilometers of bike paths, and the university is a highly regarded research school.  

Dates: Apply by March 15 for the fall semester. Apply by Sept. 10 for the spring semester.

Housing: The university reserves a range of furnished accommodations in Amsterdam for exchange students.

Consult your advisor to create a study plan.

China Central University of Finance and Economics logoBeijing, China: Central University of Finance and Economics

There’s no better vantage point for China’s robust economy than CUFE, one of the best places to study finance and economics in Asia. The campus’ location in Beijing affords you access to wonders such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven, which trace the nation’s evolution from dynastic rule to economic driver. 

Dates: Apply by Jan.1 for the fall semester. Apply by Sept. 1 for the spring semester.

Housing: CUFE provides on-campus housing to all exchange students. 

Consult your advisor to create a study plan.

Global Business Seminar - Spring Semester 2024 Study Abroad Experience

For a shorter study abroad experience, the School of Business has a Global Business Seminar option. The Global Business Seminar, BT450, is a 3-credit course that will be led by Dr. Gaurav Sabnis. This course consists of a series of seminars and concludes with a six-night stay in Germany and the Czech Republic which will occur during Spring Break.  Students will be immersed in the business and culture of these countries that balance ancient pasts with modern, dynamic business climates.  

Past programs have gone to Chile, Argentina, Italy, Portugal, and Greece. These programs are open to all Stevens students. To learn more, contact the Center for Student Success.

Study Abroad Scholarship

The School of Business Study Abroad Scholarship is designed for undergraduate students majoring in the School of Business to pursue an in person international experience.  The scholarship awards are need-based and range from $500 - $1000. Scholarship funds may be used to pay for any of the study abroad programs that are offered by the Office of International Programs, including the Global Business Seminar, BT450, a study abroad semester or summer experience. Students who are receiving university funding through the Pinnacle or Clark programs are not eligible. 

  • Use of Funds: Awards are intended to assist with any costs associated with in-person international study abroad program or internship. Awards will be dispersed only after the student has demonstrated a financial commitment to the International Program (e.g., paying a non-refundable deposit). A student who does not fully participate in the program for which the award was provided will be required to reimburse the Fund. 

  • Range of Awards: Scholarship awards for eligible students are subject to availability of funds. Students with “high financial need,” as determined by the Office of Financial Aid, may be awarded an additional amount subject to availability of funds.