Diversity and Inclusion

female students at Innovation Expo 2022At Stevens, diversity and inclusion are two important pillars of our culture. We believe they are integral to the success of our Institution and our students. Within the School of Business, we are actively working to strengthen both pillars. Since 2012, while the number of faculty has grown by 87%, the number of women faculty at the School of Business has increased by 143%. Similarly, while the size of the incoming first-year student class has grown by 444%, the number of female undergraduate first-year students has increased by 617%.

We also pursue diversity through the development of dual degree and ‘4+1’ collaborative graduate programs with international universities. female student during Inclusive Certificate ProgramSince 2012, the number of dual degree and ‘4+1’ collaborative programs has grown from 2 to 11, having developed new programs with universities from Italy, Spain, France, Greece, China, India and Japan.

In addition, we strongly believe that being inclusive is an important component of successful leadership. Therefore, in order to prepare students to become inclusive leaders, we have launched an Inclusive Leadership Certificate program, sponsored by members of the Board of Trustees. The program is different from many others because it especially stresses that being inclusive is not just the right social and ethical thing to do. It also brings better business results!talk to all types of people The program includes providing students with access to an extensive list of inclusive leaders from industry, workshops for skills development, as well as other programming such as behavioral labs, sustained dialogue activities, mental health and workplace wellness programming, and more. During the program, students pledge what they will do to demonstrate inclusive behavior, as shown with the Post-it notes.