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Stevens Alumni: 40 Under 40

For the past 150 years, Stevens graduates have used their hard-earned degrees to make a difference in fields as numerous and diverse as they are. The newest generation of alumni stands ready to continue this tradition of innovation in industries and organizations crucial to the progress of humankind as we reach toward our next frontier. Recommended by Stevens faculty and staff, these 40 promising alumni under the age of 40 are making a difference in aerospace, finance, healthcare, technology, law, entertainment, sustainability, defense and more. Here, in their own words, these inspiring individuals share their greatest accomplishments so far and vision for the future.

Caroline Amaba ’12
B.S. Computer Science, B.A. Visual Arts & Technology
Staff Software Engineer, Buzzfeed (Buzzfeed Tech)
New York, New York

“I’ve been fortunate to give talks to usher in more women and nonbinary young people of color into software engineering. In the future, I will create a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color)-centered digital marketplace for creatives, specifically in gaming spaces, that is fair and safe.”

Jose Angeles ’19
B.E. Electrical Engineering
Financial Services — Technology Consultant Staff, EY
Hoboken, New Jersey

“Mentorship has always been one of my passions and has helped me excel at Stevens and in the workplace. In the future, I hope to establish my own foundation to recognize and support future generations of leaders in innovation.”

Martin Angus, Jr. ’18
B.S. Business & Technology
Account Executive, MSE Healthcare, Gartner; published songwriter and author of novel, Outside With Elephants
Hoboken, New Jersey

“As a former program coordinator for Soccer Without Borders, I used soccer to help hundreds of immigrant, refugee and asylum-seeking youth attend college. My greatest future ambition is to continue to expand my territory and use my platform to help people find their voice — whatever that is for them.”

Kevin Barresi ’16 M.Eng. ’16
B.E. Computer Engineering, M. Eng. Computer Engineering
Chief Technology Officer, FinTech Studios
New York, New York

“As CTO and co-founder of FinTech Studios, I built the company from idea to successful business with 20-plus employees and millions in revenue to date. I hold advisory roles and an Edison Patent Award for my work in data analytics and cybersecurity.”

Khadeejah Bilal ’09
B.E. Civil Engineering
Vice President, U.S. Head of Regulatory Middle Office, Asset Management Operations, Goldman Sachs
Jersey City, New Jersey

“Currently, being able to influence diverse recruiting into finance while holding space for Black women and women of color to arrive authentically and excel in a male-dominated industry is my greatest accomplishment. I hope to continue to do so as I advance in my career.”

Marques Brownlee ’15
B.S. Information Systems
Founder and Producer at MKBHD (Award-winning tech-focused YouTube channel)
Kearny, New Jersey

“Over 13 million subscribers and 2 billion-plus views.”

Lindsay Crossan ’14 M.Eng. ’14
B.E. Mechanical Engineering, M.Eng. Systems Engineering
Spacecraft Deputy Program Manager and Lead Systems Engineer, Millennium Space Systems, A Boeing Company
El Segundo, California

“My accomplishments include systems engineering leadership and execution on multiple government and commercial Boeing satellite programs, including the O3b mPOWER constellation, and leading peers in LX, Boeing’s international, advanced leadership development program. I am inspired to pursue increasingly impactful leadership responsibilities.”

Stephen Crouch ’10 M.S. ’10
B.S. Physics, M.S. Physics
Radar — Corporate Development at Aurora (formerly Blackmore Sensors)
Bozeman, Montana

“Leading Blackmore as CTO from inception to acquisition by Aurora in three years was a wild ride. The FMCW lidar we developed is central to Aurora’s self-driving sensor stack. I’m most excited to push the boundaries of sensing for autonomous vehicles.”

Suzanne D’Addio ’07
B.S. Chemical Engineering
Director, Discovery Pharmaceutical Sciences at Merck & Co., Inc.
West Point, Pennsylvania

“I look forward to making an impact with every opportunity that comes my way, from enabling technological advancements that improve patient convenience and compliance, to fostering the development of the next generation of pharmaceutical researchers.”

Philippe de Lurand Pierre-Paul ’12 M.S. ’14
B.E. Electrical Engineering, M.S. Management
Product Manager, Google Assistant, Google
Mountain View, California

“Everyone has a right to privacy regardless of their socioeconomic status or tech literacy. I am proud of my work in building a digital assistant that helps millions get things done while keeping their personal data private, safe and secure.”

Annie DeStefano ’12
B.S. Business & Technology
Director of Fintech, Silicon Valley Bank
New York, New York

“I am proud to have helped consumers by launching the Marcus by Goldman Sachs platform, and helping entrepreneurs of fintech companies to change the landscape of financial services in America. Looking forward, I am energized to support advancement of women in finance.”

Brian Donohue ’11
B.S. Computer Science
Director of Product Engineering, Pinterest
San Francisco, California

“In my previous role as CEO of Instapaper, I managed the sale of the company to Pinterest, where I continue to be employed as the director of product engineering. My future ambition is to become head of engineering for a mid-to-large-size tech company.”

Rebecca Dunn ’15 M.Eng. ’15
B.E., Civil Engineering, M.Eng. Civil Engineering
Project Engineer, McLaren Engineering Group
Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey

“My career has been rewarding by helping bring over-the-top concepts and unique immersive experiences to life for the audiences of icons like Lady Gaga and the Rolling Stones. I’m looking forward to sharing more feats of engineering with everyone again soon!”

Mary Michelle Easter ’15
B.E. Mechanical Engineering
Mechatronics Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Founder of STEM educational initiative, Mind Makers
Pasadena, California

“I served as mechanical lead for over 20 actuators for the Sentinel-6, SWOT, NISAR and MAIA satellite missions, which study air pollution and the effects of climate change. I also served as deputy design lead and test lead for the VITAL ventilator project, in response to COVID-19.”

Angelo Falabella ’19 M.S. ’19
B.E. Environmental Engineering, M.S. Sustainability Management
Sustainability Analyst, NYC Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Engineering Design and Construction
New York, New York

“My greatest professional accomplishment so far has been integrating solar panels and green roofs into NYC DEP’s multi-billion-dollar water and wastewater capital program despite the budgetary constraints of the pandemic, through a focus on long-term, triple-bottom-line thinking.”

Taylore Fowler ’14
B.S. Music & Technology
Title Operations Project Manager (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa), Netflix
Amsterdam, Netherlands

“My greatest professional accomplishment has been overseeing end-to-end project management on ‘Queen Sono,’ the first Netflix-produced original series from Africa. I minimized risk to protect the product member experience across all platforms and devices, spanning 30-plus languages, to entertain members globally.” 

Bryan Franklin ’11
B.S. Business & Technology
Program Officer, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (a national community development organization)
Washington, District of Columbia

“I will use my abilities to pursue a world in which my Black daughter’s opportunity in life will not be limited by her race, gender or identity, but she and every child will have the chance to actualize their potential.”

Falak Zaffer Ghatala ’03 M.S. ’06
B.S. Chemical Biology, M.S. Chemical Biology
Chief Operating Officer, Muslims Against Hunger
Washington, District of Columbia

“The pandemic has taught us that we must revive ‘fard al-kifayah’ — ‘communal obligation’— by raising awareness of our moral duty toward societies’ most vulnerable, and bridge the gap between our differences and our indifference toward the homeless and hungry.”

Kaitlin Gili ’20
B.S. Physics
Ph.D. Candidate in Physics, University of Oxford; Executive Director, Encouraging Women Across All Borders
Oxford, United Kingdom

“The work I have done so far and continue to do is all to create the world I want to see. In this world, women exist in all levels of leadership and quantum computers exist in every industry.”

Major John Golden ’09
B.E. Mechanical Engineering
Search and Rescue Pilot, Weapons School Instructor with U.S. Air Force, 34th Weapons Squadron
Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada

“My greatest professional accomplishment was the privilege of being deployed director of operations for an expeditionary rescue squadron in the Horn of Africa. The unit received several major awards for its action during a mortal attack and mass casualty event.”

Victoria Goodlof ’09
B.A. Philosophy
Coordinating Attorney, Community Education and Outreach, and Senior Staff Attorney, New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG)
New York, New York

“As a senior attorney at NYLAG, a nonprofit law firm dedicated to serving low-income residents of New York City, I represent survivors of domestic violence in civil and immigration proceedings. My passion is community outreach and educating survivors of domestic violence about their legal rights.”

Alicia Gorton ’08 M.Eng. ’09 Ph.D. ’13
B.E. Environmental Engineering, M.Eng. Ocean Engineering, Ph.D. Ocean Engineering
Project Manager and Ocean Engineer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Richland, Washington

“In 2020, I served as guest editor of a special issue of the Marine Technology Society Journal on offshore renewable energy. Looking forward, I endeavor to continue collaborating with others to find innovative, sustainable solutions to mitigate climate change.”

Rita Gurevich ’06
B.S. Computer Science
Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Sphere Technology Solutions
Hoboken, New Jersey

“My greatest accomplishment has been taking an intense period in history — the financial crisis of 2008, when the company I worked for went bankrupt — and pivoting to a business idea that I started and grew into a very successful company, which I am continuing to grow!”

Sabrina Henry ’09 M.Eng ’11
B.E. Chemical Engineering, M.Eng. Engineering Management
Research & Development Manager, Johnson & Johnson
Skillman, New Jersey

“My greatest professional accomplishment to date has been the opportunity to elevate the science behind the very skincare brand that I work on through a national televised commercial. Fortunate to showcase not only science, but also to uplift women and Black excellence now and future-forward.”

Cameryn Hinton ’09
B.S. Business & Technology
Associate at Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP
Iselin, New Jersey

“I am especially proud of the self-determination I have held onto while pursuing my legal career. I am encouraged to elevate and also broaden my ambitions each time I face and succeed through a challenge. After all, the future is limitless.”

Giuseppe Incitti ’04 M.Eng. ’04
B.E. Mechanical Engineering, M.Eng. Systems Engineering
Chief Executive Officer, Sitetracker, Inc.
Palo Alto, California

“My biggest achievement is being the CEO of Sitetracker, Inc., a leading enterprise software company whose software is used by leading providers of critical communications infrastructure. Sitetracker has raised $92 million of venture capital from leading investors and has won numerous industry awards.”

Owen Jappen ’13, M.Eng. ’13
B.E. Chemical Engineering, M.Eng. Chemical Engineering
Director, Chemical Products & Technology, American Chemistry Council
Washington, District of Columbia

“I’m proud to have bridged linguistic and cultural boundaries in my former role as a process engineer in Germany. Combining this experience with inspiration from mentors over the years, I hope to continue shaping my career championing the role of scientific industries in society’s future.”

Seth Kirschner ’18
B.S. Business & Technology
Security Engineer, Assistant Vice President, MUFG Securities Americas Inc. (subsidiary of MUFG)
New York, New York

“My greatest professional accomplishment has been building and leading a 25-person cyber innovation and tech scouting team while at my previous employer, Deloitte. My greatest ambition for the future is building a social entrepreneurial startup and/or working for a VC that supports social entrepreneurship.”

Rob May ’13
B.A. Music & Technology
Audio Engineer at NBCUniversal
New York, New York

“Through two presidential election cycles, the move to IP technology and the rise of streaming, I’m proudest to be part of an organization I believe in, and to have built a reputation as reliable and adaptable.”

Danielle McPhatter ’18
B.A. Music & Technology
Researcher, Experiments in Art and Technology Lab at Nokia Bell Labs
Murray Hill, New Jersey

“Recently, a project that I led for about two years debuted at the Sundance Film Festival. The intersectionality of my education deeply informs my relationship with technology and its ability to augment the arts in emotionally connecting people throughout this work.”

Michael J. Mitchell ’09 M.Eng. ’09
B.E. Biomedical Engineering, M.Eng. Materials Science and Engineering
Skirkanich Assistant Professor of Innovation, University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“My greatest accomplishment is engineering new lipid nanoparticle technology for the delivery of mRNA therapeutics, including for cancer immunotherapy and treating genetic diseases before birth. We envision that this nanotechnology will create an entirely new class of therapeutic drugs to treat a range of diseases.”

Dr. Peter Movilla ’10
B.E. Biomedical Engineering
Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky — College of Medicine; Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgeon in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at University of Kentucky HealthCare
Lexington, Kentucky

“My greatest accomplishment has been completing medical training, allowing me to treat wonderful patients. Special thank you to Dean Kenneth Nilsen, Dr. Nathalie Waite Brown, Professor Jonathan Wharton and Dan Silva, all from Stevens; without them, this accomplishment would have been impossible.”

Nadira Najib M.Eng. ’17 Ph.D. ’19
M.Eng. Environmental Engineering, Ph.D. Environmental Engineering
Remediation Manager, Honeywell
Morris Plains, New Jersey

“As a remediation manager at Honeywell, I manage an international portfolio of environmental sites. In my former role as an environmental manager at Langan, I was named a Civil Engineer Rising Star by Zweig and Young Engineer of the Year by American Society of Civil Engineers North Jersey in 2017.”

Dr. Heather Comerci Reyes ’08 M.Eng. ’08
B.E. Biomedical Engineering, M.Eng. Biomedical Engineering
Physician and Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics, Critical Care at Golisano Children’s Hospital and UR Health Lab, University of Rochester
Rochester, New York

“I am proud of caring for critically ill children and of my research introducing machine learning to alarm management in hospital ICUs. In the future, I am launching new training to introduce medical residents to innovation in digital health.”

Mary Schurgot ’06 M.Eng. ’08 Ph.D. ’12
B.E. Electrical Engineering, M.Eng. Electrical Engineering, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
Program Manager, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
Arlington, Virginia

“Serving as a program manager at DARPA has been my greatest professional accomplishment to date. In this role, I get to create and manage programs that could lead to the next technological breakthrough.”

Frank Sorrentino ’08
B.S. Business & Technology
Managing Director, FIG Investment Banking, Stephens Inc.
New York, New York

“Throughout my career I have been part of more than 45 mergers and acquisitions and capital-raising transactions, with an aggregate value of over $5 billion. I am focused on banking high-growth financial services companies at the intersection of traditional banking and fintech.”

Derek Straub ’11
B.E. Mechanical Engineering
Advanced Manufacturing Group Leader, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Lexington, Massachusetts

“I look forward to ushering in a future where multi-material hybrid manufacturing is ubiquitous, economical and scalable, awarding us a fresh perspective on solutions to our greatest challenges, such as energy and resource management, climate change, space exploration and human health.”

Sheila Xuan Sun ’06 M.S. ’06
B.E. Computer Engineering, M.S. Applied Mathematics
Founding Partner, Peak Investment Capital; Board Member, E-Em-Em-A
Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana

“Motherhood has transformed me in many ways. What has not changed is what I have always hoped to accomplish in life — to have integrity, authenticity, dependability, courage and, most importantly, kindness. I continue to find the most joy contributing with purpose, to make a positive impact.”

James Owen Weatherall Ph.D. ’09
Ph.D. Physics and Mathematical Science
Professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science, University of California, Irvine; author of three books, most recently The Misinformation Age: How False Beliefs Spread
Irvine, California

“Writing a book is an enormous effort, so I tend to think of my books as my most significant accomplishments. It is gratifying, after so much work, that all three have received significant attention and broad press coverage.”

Jay Weinberg ’14
B.S. Business & Technology
Musician and Artist
Nashville, Tennessee

“My greatest professional accomplishment has been sustaining my life through music and art. I’ve never considered it to be a job; my daily work revolves around my love for creating things. My greatest ambition is to just keep it going.”