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SSE’s Mo Mansouri Delivers Keynote Speech at International Conference on Systems 2022

SSE Leads the Way

On April 26, 2022, Professor Mo Mansouri delivered the keynote speech at the International Conference on Systems (ICONS) 2022 in Barcelona, Spain. Representing the School of Systems & Enterprises (SSE) at Stevens Institute of Technology, Mansouri’s speech called attention to the importance of systems-based thinking to an international audience and showcased SSE as a leader in the field.

“Being invited to give a keynote speech is among the most prestigious recognitions for a faculty member,” said Mansouri, who serves as the director of the systems engineering program at SSE.

“Spotlighting SSE to practitioners of systems engineering from around the world elevates the esteem and attention of our unique programs and emphasizes the growing relevance of a systems-based education,” Mansouri continued.

Systems Thinking from College to Careers

Based on research conducted with Dr. Ralph Tillinghast and Dr. Daniel Appel, two doctoral graduates from SSE and former students of Mansouri’s, the keynote highlighted factors that progress students towards STEM academic and career goals. Incorporating socio-cognitive development in students and the relationship between college degrees and job markets, Mansouri presented a unified model for making effective policies for educational outreach initiatives.

“The interdisciplinary approach we practice at SSE is critical in developing data-driven systems to make policies and to stimulate STEM education,” said Mansouri. “The keynote and backing research can guide programs towards community recognition. Combined with graduate success and the prestige of faculty members, a systems approach to policies and outreach can hike a program up the ladder of recognition and push students closer to their goals.”

Mansouri additionally served on the Steering Committee for the conference, serving as an industry and academic expert on systems governance and policy design. For more information, contact Dr. Mansouri at [email protected].