Careers & Student Outcomes

Class of 2016 Business Students Post Perfect Job Placement

Six Months after Commencement, 100% of Graduates are Employed or Pursuing Graduate Education

When it comes to landing a job after graduation, Stevens business students continue to be at the head of the class. 

Within six months of commencement, 100 percent of graduates have secured the jobs they want in their fields of interest or have been accepted to graduate school, a testament to the real-world skills and technology-driven insights at the core of a Stevens education. 

“Business programs at Stevens are incredibly practical as a result of the industry input we receive from managers at Fortune 500 companies in New York City,” said Dr. Ann Murphy, associate dean for the undergraduate enterprise at the School of Business. “Companies in every industry category — finance, life sciences, insurance, accounting, telecommunications and more — recognize that Stevens students are ready leaders capable of providing analytical insights into the challenges of the future.” 

A career fair at Stevens.Career fairs at Stevens bring hundreds of recruiters to the Hoboken campus, giving students a chance to showcase their skills directly to hiring managers.

Stevens offers two bachelor’s degrees in business. One hundred percent of students graduating with a B.S. in Business were hired in the field of their choice, at an average salary of $65,800. In the B.S. in Quantitative Finance program, 96 percent were hired, at an average salary of $70,200, with 4 percent accepted to graduate school. The average salary for School of Business graduates for the Class of 2016 is $67,600 — an increase of $1,000 over the prior year.

“Managers recognize that entry-level employees must be able to think critically about business, communicate effectively and leverage technology in solving problems,” said Dr. George Calhoun, director of the Quantitative Finance program at Stevens. “At Stevens, our curriculum is designed to give students the skills they need not only in the jobs they receive after graduation, but to lay the foundation for long-term career success.”

The School of Business is able to leverage its unique Hoboken, N.J., location — just a 10-minute ride from New York City — to shape its curriculum to meet the demands of companies, and secure internships and jobs for students. Recruiters and managers regularly visit Stevens to meet students, deliver guest lectures, and discuss curricular developments and consulting opportunities with faculty. 

That connection with industry was pivotal to the creation of the newest Stevens business major, in Accounting & Analytics, which launched this fall in response to Big Four managers working with Stevens to discuss the need for entry-level accountants to have analytics skills. Accounting & Analytics joins the seven other majors offered by the School of Business, in Business & Technology, Economics, Finance, Information Systems, Management, Marketing and Quantitative Finance.