Each research/short-term scholar and professor is authorized to engage in his or her J-1 program objectives on Stevens’ Hoboken campus. This is designated as the “Site of Activity” on all DS-2019s, and, with limited exceptions, is the only location at which Stevens’ exchange visitors will be conducting their activities.

It sometimes becomes necessary, or is recommended, that an exchange visitor conduct some of his/her activities at a location other than Stevens. Some common examples include a scholar needing to conduct some of his/her work at a laboratory or research facility off-campus, or a professor being invited to speak at a conference. ISSS can authorize additional “sites of activity” for a scholar/professor, but must do so before any activities take place at off-campus locations. Any scholar or professor who thinks they may need additional sites of activity should contact their ISSS Advisor at least two weeks prior to beginning any off-campus activities for further guidance.

Occasional Lectures or Consultations

In general, professors or scholars are only permitted to work as described on their Form DS-2019 and in their invitation/offer letter issued by Human Resources. Similarly, scholars/professors may receive payment from Stevens for their program activities as long as said payment is documented in the “Financial Information” section of their DS-2019.

Any additional employment--either on Stevens’ campus or off--can only be done if authorized, in writing and in advance, by the ISSS office, and in extremely limited circumstances. The immigration regulations allow for professors and research scholars to participate in “occasional lectures and short-term consultations” at off-campus sites provided that they are directly related to the exchange visitor’s program objectives, are incidental to his/her primary program activities, do not delay the completion date of the visitor’s program, and are documented and approved by an RO/ARO (22 C.F.R. § 62.20(g)). Please refer to the “Occasional Lectures or Consultation” form for additional information.