Corporate Affiliate Programs, Research Centers and Labs

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Engage with Stevens through Corporate Affiliate Programs, Research Centers and Labs

Corporate affiliate programs support research across the university. Here corporations collaborate with Stevens’ students and faculty from the early stages of research to address society’s pressing challenges. These programs have membership fees and benefits.

CRAFT Workforce Development Workshop

Fintech Center: CRAFT

At the heart of the nation’s first Industry-University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC) is a focus on industry problems. Established in 2021 through a grant from the prestigious National Science Foundation IUCRC program, Stevens is partnering with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to launch the Center for Research toward Advancing Financial Technologies (CRAFT). The center will work with corporate members to become more agile, solve more complex problems and seek advantages through integration of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, automated markets, more robust algorithms and smarter fraud detection. To date, major players such as Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, UBS, IBM, T. Rowe Price, Wells Fargo, among others, including the New Jersey Economic Development Authority have pledged to join the membership. Learn more.

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Stevens Institute for Artificial Intelligence

The Stevens Institute for Artificial Intelligence (SIAI) is an interdisciplinary, tech-driven collaboration of engineering, business, systems and design experts working toward solving pressing global problems in industry and the world. SIAI’s technology expertise and research resources provide the collaborative, competitive edge that today’s businesses need to enhance operations. The Institute’s Industrial Alliance Program forges connections to regional AI-related industries. Program members — including NEC Labs, Eastech and DataEthics4 — gain knowledge and expertise through monthly working group sessions, have preferential access to specialized AI-focused recruiting events and participate in the selection of faculty seed funding projects. Learn more.

Research Centers and Labs

In addition to corporate affiliate programs, Stevens has a growing portfolio of research centers and labs, including:

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Hanlon Financial Systems Center

Research at this center addresses complex problems facing the global financial system as it is influenced and expanded by technology, with key themes including cybersecurity, high-frequency markets, risk management, quantitative finance, financial engineering, regulation, business intelligence and analytics, and information systems.

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Center for Complex Systems & Enterprises

Founded in 2012, CCSE engages industry, government and academia to confront complex enterprise problems and engineer a better future with an enhanced quality of life. The emergent research addresses inter and transdisciplinary issues through evidence-based, unbiased, improved decision-making.

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Center for Environmental Systems

The Center for Environmental Systems is dedicated to basic and application-motivated inter- and multi-disciplinary research aimed at creating basic scientific knowledge, advanced technology, and innovative management practices that lead to novel solutions for the sustainable utilization of our environmental resources.

Center for Quantum Science and Engineering

Center for Quantum Science and Engineering

The Center for Quantum Science and Engineering (CQSE) at Stevens pursues innovative quantum engineering research, development and education including bringing photonic technologies into reality, networking, remote sensing, machine learning, big data processing and quantum computing.

Raju Datla leads Zhang and Song on a tour of the Davidson Lab.

Davidson Laboratory

The Davidson Lab is Stevens Institute of Technology's renowned marine research laboratory, which operates in two primary areas: marine monitoring and forecasting and experimental marine hydrodynamics (ship design and evaluation).


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