To design, develop and maintain 21st century complex systems, the world needs technical leaders who have engineering acumen, managerial capabilities and creative thinking.

At the School of Systems and Enterprises at Stevens, we offer undergraduate programs that integrate technology, management and social sciences to enable students to become 21st century technical leaders.

Whether your goal is to use your creativity and skills to lead across organizational and cultural boundaries or to create your own entrepreneurial path towards creating complex technology solutions, an undergraduate education from the School of Systems and Enterprises will set you on a path to success. With programs that are highly relevant in today's market and led by faculty who are recognized leaders in their fields, you will receive a world-class, practice-based and research-supported education that gives you the multidisciplinary perspective needed to excel in your field of interest. In addition, through the sponsored senior design program you will gain "real-world experience" by working on industry sponsored consulting, entrepreneurial and product development projects.

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