Investors, banking analysts, wealth managers, financial planners today rely on a new set of quantitative skills in playing the markets.

They combine programming and modeling techniques, critical thinking, and business and finance skills to build robust portfolios that create value for their clients and themselves. 

At Stevens, the Student Managed Investment Fund is where tomorrow’s investment professionals perfect these techniques in preparation for rewarding careers in the fast-changing world of finance. In this two-semester course, students work as analysts, risk advisors, quants and, ultimately, leaders responsible for managing a portion of the university’s endowment. 

This is not an investment club, where you pick stocks and chart them over a semester. This is the closest a student can get to the experience of working for a major Wall Street firm. SMIF alumni can be found at the biggest players and the smallest startups, where their insights guide successful investment strategies and deliver consistent value to the business.

A group of students in the lab listening as another student leads an investment pitch.
Ana Marija Micevska, center, listens as her classmate recommends an investment strategy during a SMIF class presentation.

Uniquely Stevens

The core strengths of technology and finance at the School of Business — further reinforced through the Hanlon Financial Systems Center — combine to create an empowering environment for future finance professionals.

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Standout SMIF students

Students who complete the SMIF experience are incredibly well prepared for careers on Wall Street. Lessons in adaptability, technology, teamwork and communication help them get the jobs they want in a highly competitive industry.