As one of the first departments established at Stevens Institute of Technology, the Department of Physics has been an active participant in the revolution of physics science and education for 150 years.

In the coming decades, information processing and sensor technologies based on the use of quantum phenomena and nanoscale physics will revolutionize society in much the same way computers have since the 1980s. The Department of Physics aims to train our students to be at the forefront of this revolution. To prepare our graduates, we offer a broadbased education with special emphasis on the fields of atomic, molecular and optical physics, photonics technology and quantum optics and quantum information science.

Our researchers educate the next generation of physicists in fields such as graphene technologies, remote sensing, communications and quantum optics.


Research Labs

The Department of Physics conducts formative research in pioneering areas such as quantum systems, nanophotonics and optics.

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Department of Physics

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Burchard Building
5th-7th floors

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p. (201) 216-5665
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Department Leaders

Ting Yu Professor and Chair of the Department of Physics
Professor Yuping Huang Gallagher Associate Professor of Physics & Director of the Center for Quantum Science and Engineering
Christopher Search Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director