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Mathematics plays a central role in academic life at Stevens. It is both a fascinating subject worth exploring in its own right and indispensable to engineering and the sciences.

The Department of Mathematical Sciences has a strong research focus on group theory, including computational, combinatorial, and geometric group theory. Stevens is a leader in the field of algebraic cryptography. The Algebraic Cryptography Center (ACC) at Stevens is dedicated to investigating and developing the mathematical underpinnings of cryptography and cybersecurity. The ACC regularly hosts visiting scholars from around the world and runs a weekly seminar that is open to the public.

Other research strengths of the department include stochastic optimization, applied probability theory, and differential equations.

The Department of Mathematical Sciences cares deeply about mathematics education as well. Over the past several years, the department has invested heavily in developing the Stevens Calculus System, an innovative model for teaching undergraduate calculus that incorporates a flipped-classroom approach and leverages new educational technology developed right here at Stevens. Since the system was implemented, the failure rate in freshman calculus has dropped dramatically.

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Stevens Calculus Systems

The Stevens Calculus System

At Stevens, we do calculus differently. Students learn not only through lectures, but through team problem-solving sessions, self-study projects, and innovative teaching materials. Small class sizes mean that professors are always available for one-on-one meetings, and half-semester courses allow us to design flexible schedules that cater to individual students' needs.

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As its areas of emphasis the Stevens Department of Mathematics is committed to stochastic systems and optimization as well as algebraic cryptography.

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On April 6, 2013, Stevens celebrates a long tradition of leadership and innovation. From the founding family to Nobel Prize winners and present-day leaders in many technical and…

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Attendees at Stevens Innovation Expo.

Innovation Expo 2017

Stevens annual showcase for groundbreaking student and faculty research.

Stevens Math Olympiad

To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics

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