The Stevens bachelor's program in cybersecurity integrates the science, technology and management skills you need to design, create and apply the latest innovations in information assurance and computer security.

While cryptographers strive for the best possible solution to a security issue, the implementation of their work is too often restricted by technological limitations, cost restraints and human factors that were not considered as part of the original design process. For effective solutions to gain practical relevance, the end users must be willing and able to use the technology, and the solution must provide a significant economic benefit. The cybersecurity program at Stevens is one of the few undergraduate programs that address these issues.

Our unique program combines work in computer science and mathematics with a security-driven focus, creating the kind of interdisciplinary atmosphere that is essential to finding creative, effective solutions to issues of security and information assurance. Student seeking careers in this growing field will find the Stevens program offers a well-rounded range of courses that will prepare them for the evolving challenges they will confront in the field of cybersecurity.

A degree from Stevens will ensure that you will examine and participate in the full cycle of innovation. At Stevens, your research becomes reality through collaboration with faculty and industry partners as they bring new technologies to market.

For any questions, you may email the Program Director Prof. Susanne Wetzel at [email protected].

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