​More than half of the planet's population now lives in urban areas, and 17 of the world’s 25 largest cities (each with a population greater than 13 million) are situated on a coastline. As extreme weather events such as Superstorm Sandy and Asian typhoons continue to increase in number and strength nationwide and worldwide, the best defense for coastal cities is better-informed, more robust preparation.

Stevens Institute of Technology has long been positioned as an international leader in coastal and urban resilience research, driving study and conversation about means of protecting the world's coastal communities — discussions that touch fields including engineering, architecture, biology, hydrodynamics, IT, materials science and public policy.

From the unique river, ocean, and storm-surge modeling research of our Davidson Laboratory to our contract research for the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey developing an early-warning system for local flooding in the metropolitan New York City region, we stand ready to inform regional, national and global decision-making with new and important insights.

Select Research Collaborators

Columbia University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration


New York City Office of the Mayor

Port Authority of New York/New Jersey

City of Hoboken

City of Jersey City