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Literature Bachelor's Degree

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Infuse your literary passions with technology to invent new ways of understanding our rapidly-changing world.

Tech-Powered Humanities

How has science fiction—from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to Frank Herbert’s Dune—prophesied the dilemmas of modernity? How did the writings of Henry David Thoreau and his contemporaries inspire the environmental movement? How have scientific advances challenged conventional beliefs about humanity?

Those who study literature at Stevens learn from the classics to catalyze next-generation thinking. The ability to analyze and distill rich texts is a skill valued across professions, and students who engage with rigorous, literary methodologies grow into critical thinkers ready to take on modern complexities.

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Careers of Tomorrow

Stevens alumni who majored in the humanities and social sciences now work as scientists, developers, contract specialists, software engineers, operations analysts, training specialists, and medical technologists.

Companies—Proctor & Gamble, Colgate Palmolive, Phillips 66, Bloomberg LP, Arista Network, Axpo Group, and St. Clair Hospital—have all hired graduates, known for their tech fluency and foward thinking.

Explore Literature at Stevens

Students in Stevens' bachelor's degree in literature learn from fiction and poetry's wisdom to create bold ideas and new scholarship. Cutting across academic disciplines catalyzes thought leadership, and literature students often pursue complementary coursework in science and engineering.