Financial Engineering brochure

With the upsurge in data-driven insights and analytics, the financial industry has shown an increasing demand for advanced machine learning, data visualization and cloud-based data-driven solutions. In this environment, there is a strong need for individuals with profound knowledge in advanced finance, analytical techniques and computing technology who can design innovative solutions for real financial problems.

At Stevens, the master’s in financial analytics focuses on advanced development in financial analytics covering fundamental data processing to machine learning to statistical modeling and optimization. Targeting broader financial services and the financial technology industry, the program enables graduates to handle complex financial data, build advanced analytical models, deliver effective visualization product and utilize cloud-based data-driven analytics technology. Upon completion of the master’s degree, students demonstrate proficiency in:

  • Financial data processing and knowledge management
  • Statistical inference and dynamic modeling on financial data
  • Machine learning for finance 
  • Financial big data modeling from algorithms to cloud-based data-driven financial technologies 
  • Optimization for general financial problems
  • Data visualization and effective decision communication 
  • Financial analytics project management

Program Highlights

  • Home to state-of-the-art Hanlon Financial Systems lab that includes a trading room and Bloomberg terminals 
  • Flexible learning options - on-campus or highly interactive e-Learning method designed to challenge and engage students, while remaining convenient for working professionals or onsite at corporate sponsor locations 
  • Positioned minutes from New York City, the world's financial hub and home to thousands of tech companies 
  • Internships at major institutions: Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America 
  • Faculty with significant industry and academic experience