Stevens Alliance for Innovation and Leadership

The digital revolution has made every business a technology business — a pain point for most managers, who are so focused on the day-to-day that there’s little opportunity to think about the bigger picture.

The Stevens Alliance for Innovation and Leadership brings its wealth of thought leadership in technology, innovation, data and analytics to bear for professionals seeking competitive advantages and practical insights in a world of constant tech-driven change.  

As a SAIL member, we help you better anticipate emerging technologies — and how they apply to your business — so you can ride the wave of digital transformation, rather than drown amid constant disruption. Engagement with our students, insights from our faculty, the power of a network of like-minded industry leaders — SAIL puts all this, and more, at your command. 


SAIL’s value to corporate leadership comes from the unique expertise of the School of Business at Stevens — a business school that’s recognized as a leader in identifying trends around artificial intelligence, data analytics and digital innovation and figuring out how they apply to the business of the 21st century. 

  • Faculty

    Our professors are distinguished thought and industry leaders who understand that theoretical knowledge is valuable, but must be applicable in the real world to drive meaningful change.

  • Research

    Stevens’ pathbreaking research into artificial intelligence, digital innovation, fintech and information systems is changing the game for companies in every industry. Membership in SAIL gives you the opportunity to directly fund Stevens research — creating benefit for your organization as well as our faculty, who know their work is addressing areas of real industry need. 

  • Corporate connections

    Our location — just minutes from New York City — assures our faculty limitless access to the Fortune 500. Leaders from industry serve on our advisory boards, employ our graduates, and regularly visit campus to share their expertise with professors and students.

How it works

SAIL members enjoy access to the people and ideas that make the School of Business unique.

  • Annual conference 

    The SAIL conference is a forum where the very latest insights in technology are discussed through the lens of how they can be applied in business. Stevens faculty and thought leaders in industry lead conversations on blockchain, digital innovation and intelligent machines, with an eye to sharing how meaningful insights can be immediately applied any work. 

  • Industry Capstone Program 

    SAIL partners engage a team of graduate business students, working under the direction of a faculty advisor, to provide a customized solution to tech-driven challenges.

  • Funded Ph.D. internships 

    A funded internship gives you access to a Ph.D. student and faculty advisor for multiple semesters. A traditional eight- or 10-week internship provides definite value to your business, but the length of a Ph.D. internship allows a student to mine your company’s data to find solutions to systemic problems you’re facing, or explore significant potential opportunities you need help evaluating.

  • Case studies. Partners enjoy great benefit from presenting problems to Stevens classes for intensive discussion and analysis.

  • Executive workshops. Stevens faculty travel to partner offices to provide customized, in-depth education sessions for leadership teams. The deep breadth of expertise that Stevens faculty bring to the table allows SAIL to customize workshops based on your organization’s needs. The School of Business has a long history of success in particular in leadership modules for technical professionals, preparing these workers to better understand their own leadership and collaborative capabilities in helping engineering and science teams function more effectively. 

SAIL Conference

One of the signature events on the Stevens calendar each year is the annual SAIL conference. Here, about 100 thought leaders from around the world gather to discuss how emerging technologies will create opportunities for savvy organizations. Academic and industry experts share their insights on areas such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and digital innovation and their specific applications in the real world.

Each conference includes a series of high-level presentations, a roundtable from an expert panel, a research showcase and networking opportunities with academic researchers, industry thought leaders, practitioners in a range of disciplines and graduate students studying data analytics and technology. As a SAIL member, there is no charge to attend the conference.

Contact SAIL

Dr. Christopher Asakiewicz
Industry Associate Professor & Director
Business Intelligence & Analytics Program
[email protected]