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Stop if this is you: You know the value of entrepreneurial thinking, but your company’s culture limits that creativity. You're so caught up in the day-to-day of where your business is that you don’t have the time to step back and examine where it’s going. You’re looking for fresh ideas to help foster more innovation at your company. You know other managers are having these problems, but you don’t know how they handle them.

“During the time ARDEC has been a member of the Alliance, we have been able to develop decisive and proactive strategies for right-sizing and advancing our capabilities and capacities to execute the mission of our organization.”

Pota Kripotos, chief of human capital management, ARDEC

These are the most common reasons companies join the Stevens Alliance for Innovation and Leadership. The Alliance stands out because of its members and its methods. Partners come from a diverse band of industries, from telecom, life sciences and defense, to insurance, publishing and government. Those members learn from Stevens researchers — who explore areas like project management, data analytics, risk, innovation and business processes — and each other as they work to overcome challenges in using technology to exploit competitive opportunities and drive strategy. That learning takes place in roundtable meetings, at conferences, through a thought leadership journal and in periodic workshops.

Chris Asakiewicz, director of SAILI’d welcome the chance to speak with you in greater detail about the Alliance, the companies it’s helped, the benefits of joining and the topics we’ve explored. Please contact me to discuss how your organization can take advantage of partnering with us.

Dr. Chris Asakiewicz
Director, Stevens Alliance for Innovation and Leadership
[email protected]

Best practices, better results

The Alliance offers countless opportunities to help member companies overcome management challenges, seize technology-driven opportunities and train leaders. 

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U.S. Navy

Nokia Bell Labs

JPMorgan Chase