Confirmed Speakers

Tentative Title



Biofilms in Bone Tumor Patients: Quantitative Science Chasing Clinical Imperatives

Nick Berthal (MD)


Case studies of infection associated with soft-tissue biomaterials

Peter Taub, MD

Mt. Sinai

OR Contamination and Device-Associated Infection

Kees Poelstra (MD, PhD)

Rothman Orthopaedics

Possible Intervention Points in the Development of Gram-Negative Biofilms

Karin Sauer

Binghamton University

Reading the map: Effects of topography on biofilm initiation and development

Dacheng Ren

Syracuse University

Harnessing macrophage behavior for chronic wound healing

Kara Spiller

Drexel University

To touch or not to touch: mechanism of antibacterial contact transfer

Shikha Nangia

Syracuse University

In vivo infection models - filling the gap between in vitro and clinical

Tom Schaer

UPenn Vet School

Antimicrobial Devices: Challenges and Opportunities in 2023 and beyond

Scott Phillips


ISO/ASTM working groups on the antimicrobial properties of implants

John Rose (tentative)

Smith & Nephew

Commercializing antimicrobial surfaces requires technology and claim-specific testing

Jordan Katz


Detecting Device Infection – Progress and Challenges in Orthopedics

Li Yang

Zimmer Biomet

Physical removal of biofilms via viscoelastic fluids: principles & biomedical applications

Mohammed Labib


Commercializing biomimetic antimicrobial peptoids

Kent Kirschenbaum

Maxwell Biosciences/NYU

Efforts to Translate Cellulose-Based Hydrogels to the Clinic

Steve Nicoll

City College

A career-long perspective of biofilms & device infection: where might we be going

Henk Busscher

University Medical Center Groningen