External Bridges - Year 2 Report

The leadership phase of a major capital campaign has been launched and is on schedule. New initiatives in development and in marketing and communications are showing early signs of progress and indicate far-reaching impact in the future.

Goal E1

The President’s Initiative for Excellence will be successfully completed, raising at least $30 million.


The President’s Initiative for Excellence surpassed its $30 million goal one full year ahead of schedule. Total gifts and pledges in FY13 were $26.3 million, a 91 percent increase over the prior year. Alumnus Greg Gianforte ’83 donated the largest single gift in Stevens history, $10 million, toward a new Academic Gateway Complex. The leadership phase of a major capital campaign was launched.

Goal E2

A philanthropy target of $70 million will be achieved in order to support key initiatives in the first five years of the strategic plan; an additional $100 million will be raised during the balance of its implementation.


Leadership Phase fundraising for a major capital campaign is on schedule, with $43.3 million raised as of June 30, 2014. 

Year 3: Continue with leadership phase of capital campaign with a fundraising goal of $24 million for FY 2015.

Gifts and Pledges Y2

Goal E3

The undergraduate giving rate will increase from a 2011 baseline of 18 percent to at least 23 percent by 2017 and 26 percent by 2022.


The number of undergraduate alumni donors increased 10 percent over FY13, and the giving participation rate increased from 15 percent to 16 percent. 

Year 3: The “affinity” based strategy that generated improving results during the second half of FY14 will be refined and conducted throughout FY15.   New Annual Fund support will contribute to an expected steady upward trend in giving percentage.

Undergraduate Alumni Giving Rate Y2

Goal E4

We will achieve a 10-year growth in the value of the endowment, not including return on investment, of at least $60 million.


Actual cash payments to endowment for FY14 totaled $3,982,381. Pledges and cash payments for endowments received in FY14 totaled $9,467,005.  It is expected that, as the campaign continues, gifts and pledges to the endowment will grow significantly as prior pledges are paid and new gifts to the endowment are secured.

Year 3: The goal for FY15 is to raise at least $6 million in new gifts and pledges for the endowment against the overall goal of $60 million over 10 years.

Goal E5

We will develop and formalize mechanisms that ensure that our alumni are more engaged with Stevens faculty and students, with important and tangible benefits to all.


Alumni event attendance during FY14 grew from approximately 900 to more than 1,300.  The variety and quality of events was improved.

Year 3: The alumni attendance goal is 1,500.  The Homecoming “program” has been expanded and will be more aggressively promoted.   The Development and Alumni offices are working closely together on a series of both large and small events in regions throughout the country.  During FY15, the Alumni Association will roll out three tangible benefits for alumni that will demonstrate the value added impact of the alumni program.

Goal E6

Comprehensive review of current resources and future needs related to strategic communications and marketing will be completed.


Following the formation of the Office of Communications and Marketing and the Office of Academic Communications and Marketing in Year 1, an additional goal, E6-A, was developed to directly and specifically address institutional goals for communications and marketing and is assigned to the Vice President of Communications and Marketing.  Ongoing efforts to assess and optimize effectiveness, efficiency, and ROI of resources for the highest priority institutional needs related to reputation/prestige, enrollment, development as well as other key institutional priorities continue.

Year 3: Monitor effectiveness of OCM/OACM reorganization in support of institutional reputation and prestige goals and meeting university-wide communications priorities.

Goal E6-A (New)

Enhance and expand the reputation and increase the prestige of Stevens Institute of Technology among peer institutions, graduate and undergraduate admissions stakeholder groups, business and industry, the media, and other key constituencies commensurate with our substantial contributions in research, our stellar educational and career outcomes, and our legacy of innovation.


(Goal initiated in Year 2.)For this Year 2 priority, the Division of Communications & Marketing fully staffed both the Office of Communications and Marketing as well as the Office of Academic Communications & Marketing. Extensive operational effectiveness procedures were put in place, and key external resources identified, to equip the division to meet the reputation and prestige goals of the university.New strategic initiatives were launched to increase the broad awareness of Stevens, its scholarship and impact, across a variety of constituencies. A reputation enhancement campaign to university administrators included an integrated marketing campaign encompassing targeted digital and direct marketing as well as vertical advertising. The U.S. News & World Report Ranking of Stevens among national universities (undergraduate ranking) improved from 82 to 76 from Fall 2013 to Fall 2014. A college guidance counselor communications initiative was implemented. To further understand the awareness and perception of Stevens by leadership at peer institutions, a peer reputation research study was undertaken and is currently in progress, with the initial survey phase completed in October 2014.Public relations efforts yielding significant media coverage, as well as broadcast and social media highlighting student outcomes, university accomplishments, conferences and faculty news and achievements supported undergraduate and graduate recruitment efforts. Stevens’ earned media placements in print, broadcast, and online media increased from 114 in 2013 to 194 in 2014.  Strategies to drive both lead generation and event traffic were implemented for graduate admissions: a content marketing effort supporting graduate admissions and faculty thought leadership was launched, yielding more than 90,000 landing page visits and 2,000 leads from white papers, and more than 25,000 views of the new graduate experience video. 

Year 3: Continue all efforts started in Year 2. The stevens.edu website project will revise our online presence to be a mobile-adaptive, user-centric, externally facing website that enhances the visitor experience through clear and simplified navigation that provides quick access to target audiences. Additional efforts to create and distribute significant research news and accomplishments to key research and academic leaders will further expand awareness of Stevens’ thought leadership and the impact of our research and academic activities. An increased focus on college counselor communications will support reputation objectives. Extension and continuation of positioning Stevens faculty as thought leaders, through content marketing, public relations and social media channels, will further our global leadership strategy.An institution-wide brand messaging and graphics toolkit will be developed and deployed, further unifying the Stevens brand and thus strengthening recognition and impact of Stevens to our key constituencies. A capital campaign communications effort will be created to support alumni engagement and reputation building among multiple constituencies.

stevensconnect_0 (1)Y2

Goal E7

A compelling campus visitor experience will be created that conveys our rich history, our transformative aspirations for the future, the achievements of our alumni, our educational philosophy, our commitment to sustainability and our strong relationship with Hoboken.


This is a Year 4 priority; work on this goal has not yet started.

Goal E8

In partnership with key stakeholders from the City of Hoboken, we will develop a plan to further integrate and engage Stevens and our students within the local Hoboken community for the benefit of all.


Efforts continue to identify and centralize the numerous formal partnerships, outreach activities and ad hoc connections with the City of Hoboken and the Hoboken community in areas such as volunteerism, facilities use, educational initiatives, student programming, athletics clinics, student research and senior design projects, business partnerships, technology initiatives and more. A Year 3 priority, work is well underway toward this goal, including the development of a community outreach web site, StevensConnects, a social media presence for Stevens efforts in the community, as well as numerous events, volunteer programs, and educational, sports, research, and volunteer collaborations and service efforts by faculty, staff, and students.

Year 3: Continue to aggregate, disseminate, and publicize Stevens’ significant impact in Hoboken. 

Goal E9

Stevens will seek opportunities to enter into at least one strategic “sister university” agreement with a partner institution to significantly enhance the work of the faculty and the learning opportunities of students from both universities.


This is a Year 3 priority; work on this goal has not yet started.

Goal E10

Stevens will pursue a small number (6-8) of strategic, long lasting institutional-level international partnerships that enhance our global presence and name recognition in strategic geographical locations.


This is a Year 3 priority; work on this goal has not yet started.