Graduate Student Handbook

Admission to graduate study requires a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited university, college or engineering school, except that Stevens undergraduates may be permitted to enroll in graduate courses by special arrangement. A student is admitted in one of three categories.

A Regular Student is one who is permitted to enroll in a degree program with or without special qualifications. A new student is required to confer with his or her Faculty Advisor (appointed by his major department) for the development and approval of a Study Plan. Regular students are expected to be enrolled without interruption (except for summer session) until degree requirements are met. However, the Dean of the Graduate Academics may grant a leave of absence if circumstances warrant. (See Enrollment and Leave of Absence).

A Regular Student may be conditionally admitted at the discretion of the department. The conditions may be that the student is required to compensate for deficiencies in his or her academic background taking prerequisite courses for no credit toward a degree. Students must maintain a satisfactory level of performance. See Probation and Dismissal Guidelines. If the specific conditions are not met, the department may not allow the student to continue, or additional conditions may be imposed.

A non-matriculating Graduate Student (Special Student) is one who wishes to enroll in specific courses without a degree objective or who has applied for admission to a degree program and has been allowed to enroll for one semester pending review of his or her application, or is required to satisfy academic efficiencies before beginning a graduate degree program. A faculty member from the appropriate department must approve enrollment as a Special Student. Up to three courses may be taken as a Special Student.

Students who have not been on a leave of absence and have not enrolled for two years or less and are requesting readmission to the same department/program, need to meet with their advisor or department director and complete a new study plan and submit this study plan to the Graduate Admissions. Students who have not enrolled for two years or less and are requesting readmission to a different department or program need to submit a Change of Program form to the Graduate Admissions. The student's file will be reviewed and an admission decision letter will be sent to the student. Students who have not enrolled for more than two years need to reapply.

An Auditor is a student who wishes to attend classes without academic credit. To enroll under these circumstances, you must have the written approval of the instructor and the permission of the Dean of Graduate Academics and must be aware that under no circumstances can you change to credit status or take the course for credit at a future time. An auditor may enroll in a course by paying the regular tuition and fees, but only if his or her enrollment does not displace a regular student. Change from credit to auditor status can only be done by filing a Change of Enrollment (45.95 Kb PDF) form before the deadline established by Enrollment Services.

Change of Program

A student who wishes to change to a different departmental program after he or she has been accepted into a program is treated as if he or she is a new student applying for admission. The student must apply in writing to Graduate Admissions for permission to transfer. The student’s file is then sent to the new review committee for an admission decision. He or she must then proceed to register as a new student. Credits for courses already taken will be handled as if the student were transferring from another institution. The acceptance of such credits is entirely dependent upon the new program requirements. Changing your concentration or program within your department only requires a new study plan signed by the student and his or her faculty advisor. In some cases you may need a new faculty advisor.

Stevens Undergraduates

Undergraduate students must obtain permission to take graduate courses and may accumulate as many as nine deferred graduate credits without being formally admitted to a graduate program. If registering for more than nine deferred graduate credits, the student must apply for admission to a graduate program. If an undergraduate expects to receive a Master’s degree simultaneously with the Bachelor’s degree, the student must file an Application for Candidacy form with the Registrar's Office during the second term of his/her final year. Any graduate level courses taken for credit toward the undergraduate degree may not be used for the master's degree.


Registration for any given semester requires enrolling in courses identified on the Study Plan. This can be accomplished on the Web for Students ( or by submitting a completed enrollment form to the Student Services Center along with your payment. Enrollment forms are accepted via mail, fax, or in person.

Identification Card

ID Cards for graduate students can be obtained from Office of Residence Life located on the 7th floor of the Wesley J. Howe Center. Please bring photo ID with you to obtain your ID Card. Examples of photo ID are valid passport or driver's license. ID Cards are valid as long as the student is registered. Your ID Card provides access to the S.C. Williams Library, the Athletic Center, the Computer Lab and Graduate Lounges. Your ID card is required to obtain a parking decal from Campus Police.

If you misplace your ID Card please deactivate it at Duckbills online.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Residence Life at 201.216.5128 or email us.