Each graduate certificate is a self-contained and highly focused program carrying graduate credit that, in most cases, can be used towards a master’s degree as well as the certificate.


A graduate certificate program is proposed and approved by a department and the Graduate Curriculum Committee. The program consists entirely of graduate courses.


Admission requirements will be the same as for admission to a master’s program.


Usually four or more graduate-level courses are required.

Time Limit

It is preferable that a program be completed as soon as possible, e.g., a four-course program in a year and a five-course program in three terms. In general, two years may be allowed, with some flexibility.


The grade requirements for a graduate certificate are the same as for the master’s degree, e.g., an average of at least B (3.0 GPA).


If allowed, transfer credit is limited to one course with grade A or B (3.0 or better). A grade of B– is not acceptable. A transferred course is listed as passed and is not included in the calculation of a grade point average. If a course is transferred an additional course at Stevens is not required.