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Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Stevens is known for its legacy of fostering and nurturing groundbreaking, world-class innovation.

We are a community of researchers with molecular, cellular, and computational minds, dedicated to educating the next generation of science leaders and innovators and exploring transformative scientific ideas for global societal impact. We strive to provide broad-based education and interdisciplinary training to enrich the learning experiences and global perspectives of our students as lifelong learners and future leaders and innovators.

Academic Programs

Our programs lead drug discovery exploration with interdisciplinary training, rigorous theoretical instruction, highly-valued hands-on experience, and invaluable mentorship and research opportunities.

Catalyze Your Career

Hands-on learning is built into the Stevens educational experience. Here, you'll harness your curiosity to catalyze your career.
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Learn About Our Research

The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology is building a strong research community of molecular, cellular, and computational minds.

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology


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