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Welcome Class of 2027!

Stevens School of Business first-year student orientation continues with Academic Day.

The newest class of Ducks was welcomed into the nest at the annual School of Business Academic Day. It was an opportunity for the Class of 2027 to hear from Dean Gregory Prastacos, Associate Dean of the Undergraduate Division Joelle Saad-Lessler and Assistant Dean of Student Success Michelle Crilly.

In addition, members of the undergraduate operations team, the Center for Student Success and the Corporate Outreach & Professional Advancement office shared how their roles will play a pivotal part in the students’ experience.

The School of Business received a new record of nearly 2,000 undergraduate applications this year, representing am astonishing 1,040% increase in applicants over the last decade. The rise in applications has led to a more selective class of high achieving students. In fact, 40 students have been admitted to the Stevens Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP) because of their impressive GPA’s and 21 students have been selected to the prestigious Lawrence T. Babbio '66 Pinnacle Scholars Program

“Congratulations for being here,” Prastacos told the group assembled in Burchard Hall. “This is an amazing place for several reasons. This is a business school where technology plays a very big role in all the academic offerings. You will become more familiar with technology and how technology is changing business. Number two, I believe it is amazing because of its fantastic location. You can get to New York in 15 minutes. This is great not only because you can find food, music, sports, professional events and fairs in New York but also because we can attract excellent speakers, advisors and professionals to come to campus. And the third is because of the culture that we've had here, not just the business school but all over. Even though we have grown, we still maintain a very family type of culture.”

Overheard at Academic Day

Gregory Prastacos, Dean

Close-up of SSB Dean Gregory Prastacos speaks to first-year students holding a microphone.“I encourage you to take courses that appeal to your interests, to explore new ideas, to find new things. I encourage you to talk to your professors and express interest in their courses. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Asking questions and asking for help is a sign of strength. It's not a sign of weakness. And if you have any problems, and not only academic problems? I encourage you to knock on my door. My door is always open.”

“I would strongly encourage you to become active in the various activities of the school and of clubs. Getting to explore your interests is something that will make your stay at Stevens much more interesting. You will meet more people and explore opportunities for growth.”

Dr. Joelle Saad-Lessler, Associate Dean

“This is a very exciting time for you. It's a turning point in your life, and not academically or professionally. It's a time for you to build your relationships and build those friendships. I want you to be happy.”

“This whole summer we've been thinking about how to introduce things like generative A.I., how to make sure everything is up to date, what the employers want. At the end of the day, our job is to make sure that you are prepared so when you're hitting the job market, we make sure that you get those jobs. The reason you're here is because you want the return on investment. It's our job to make sure it gets done. We want you to partner with us to make sure that that continues to be the case.”

Michelle Crilly, Assistant Dean

“If you're feeling overwhelmed, want to join a club, not sure about your curriculum, not understanding your curriculum, etc., we are your first point of contact so you can come and see us, and 99.9% of the time we can answer your question. For those questions that we can't answer, we'll make sure we point you in the right direction for the appropriate resources. Don’t wait until you feel overwhelmed. We are here to help you. Get to know us early.”

Why They're Here

Grace Hicks – Business and Technology

“I chose Stevens because of its rigorous coursework and it’s great and amazing job opportunities.

Meer Patel – Finance

“The reason I chose the Stevens Institute of Technology is due to the return on investment Stevens provides when it comes to getting a job.”

David Finch – Business and Technology

“I chose Stevens because it had a great balance of academics and athletics.”

Evan Carrier – Quant Finance

“I chose Stevens because of the opportunities it has around New York City.”