Students Tackle Local Quality-of-Life Issues at VentureHacks

Six teams comprised predominantly of first-year Stevens students took part in VentureHacks Purple, a weekend-long “hackathon” aimed at solving some of the problems faced by Hoboken residents.

The event was the latest in a series of hackathons sponsored by the Stevens Venture Center (SVC) to promote entrepreneurship on campus and harness the innovative spirit of Stevens’ students and faculty.

Teams spent much of the weekend of November 10-12 brainstorming app ideas geared toward local quality-of-life concerns. At the end of the event, they presented their prototype apps in a pitch competition.

Team “Park Smart” (Dan Kang, Evan Lewis, Ian Mauser and Jacob Senkewicz) won in the Entrepreneurship and Scalability category. “Ration” (Ben Segall, Tim Leonard, Jason Chlus and Rachael Kondrat) took honors in Creativity and Design. “Duckbill Deals” (Kaylee Shepard, Scott Murray and Lauren Sciano) won for Technical proficiency.

VentureHacks Purple was part of an ongoing series of hackathons being held by the SVC. Francesca Bueti, a senior and a co-founder of the series, was a key organizer of this event.