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StevensOnline Offers New Structured Master’s Programs

University builds on its award-winning WebCampus platform with complete online degrees

Stevens Institute of Technology, a recognized leader in distance learning and education technology, is expanding its online offerings with complete master’s programs through its new StevensOnline initiative, making it more convenient than ever for students to earn Stevens degrees in high-demand fields entirely through the internet.

Beginning in fall 2017, StevensOnline students will be able to enroll in an online-only master’s program in many of the university’s top technology-focused fields, giving them the benefits of a Stevens education on their own schedules, whether they are just across the Hudson River or around the world.

StevensOnline students will follow the same curricula as their on-campus counterparts and will study with the same Stevens faculty members, who are renowned educators, experts and researchers. Students will also enjoy dedicated support through Stevens’ Continuing and Professional Student Care Center, which can assist with every aspect of being an off-campus student, including admissions, registration, billing, deadlines and graduation requirements.

The StevensOnline programs include master’s degrees in disciplines that are central to Stevens’ core mission of providing technology-centered education that makes an impact on industry, business and government. These new offerings make it simpler to enroll in a Stevens master’s program and earn a degree entirely online. They build on Stevens’ many years of experience providing education to students who need options beyond traditional classroom learning and streamline the process of assembling a degree program from the university’s broad array of online classes.

The online degrees include computer science, enterprise project management, financial engineering, systems engineering and software engineering. Access to the latest technologies, business processes and methods in fields such as these can immediately boost a working professional’s career, said Paul Easterling, Stevens’ assistant provost for graduate studies: “Earning a master’s degree in one of these fields can propel your career to a higher level or serve as a stepping-off point for a completely new career path.”

Tens of thousands of Stevens students have already taken at least one online class through the university’s WebCampus platform, which underpins StevensOnline. WebCampus has been honored seven times by the U.S. Distance Learning Association (USDLA) for its innovative and effective online learning platform. A recent ranking of online information systems master’s degrees rated Stevens the top value in the United States for 2017.

Dr. Robert Zotti, the assistant dean in charge of the WebCampus learning platform, said the university has been working for a number of years to create exceptional distance learning experiences. Online learning at Stevens, he noted, involves more than just scrolling through presentations on a screen or viewing recorded video. Stevens’ platform provides opportunities for students to interact with their instructors and with each other. Students can participate in team projects and they can even meet with their professors in virtual office hours.

“There are real-time opportunities in every class -- that’s a big differentiator,” Zotti said. “It’s not just self-study. Our online students are very much part of the class.”Another advantage, Zotti added, is that Stevens’ courses are taught by faculty with real-world experience and ties to leading companies.

“Our faculty not only understand the current issues shaping their fields, but are experts at combining theoretical and practical knowledge in their teaching, he said. “I’ve had students tell me that hearing the stories the faculty bring to the classroom from their industry experience makes a big difference to them. They can take what they’ve learned in the online class and put that into practice right away.”

StevensOnline master’s degrees are available from three of the university’s schools in the following areas:

Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering & Science

  • M.S./M.E Computer Engineering

  • M.S. Computer Science

  • M.S. Information and Data Engineering

  • M.S. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

  • M.S. Construction Management 

School of Business

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  • M.S. Business Intelligence & Analytics 

  • M.S. Enterprise Project Management

  • M.S. Information Systems

  • M.S. Management

  • M.S. Network & Communications Management & Services

  • M.S. Financial Engineering 

School of Systems & Enterprises

  • M.S. Engineering Management

  • M.S. Socio-Technical Systems

  • M.S. Space Systems Engineering

  • M.S. Systems Engineering

  • M.S. Software Engineering

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