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SSE Ph.D. Graduates Garner Faculty Positions Around the World

The graduates will help drive national and international recognition of the SSE’s reputation for excellence in systems-based thinking in their own pedagogies.

In its continuous commitment to preparing its Ph.D. candidates to achieve high-impact career results after graduation, the School of Systems & Enterprises’ (SSE’s) doctoral program congratulates 2020 graduates Gabriela Gongora Svartzman Ph.D., Abdullah Khanfor Ph.D. and Araceli Zavala Ph.D. on attaining faculty positions at educational institutions around the world. 

Gabriela Gongora SvartzmanGabriela Gongora Svartzman Ph.D.: Gabriela Gongora Svartzman Ph.D. has joined Carnegie Mellon University as an Assistant Teaching Professor of Information Systems with a joint appointment to Heinz College and Dietrich College. She received her Ph.D. in Engineering Management from the SSE at Stevens Institute of Technology in 2020. Svartzman’s research, driven by her multidisciplinary approach to solving real-world problems through data visualization, data analytics and data-oriented support systems, focuses on bridging the quality of experience and the quality of services in smart cities.

Abdullah KhanforAbdullah Khanfor Ph.D.: Abdullah Khanfor Ph.D. has been named to Najran University’s College of Computer Science and Information Systems, where he is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science. Khanfor earned his Ph.D. in Systems & Software Engineering from the SSE at Stevens Institute of Technology in 2020. His research centers on the use of Graph Neural Network (GNN)-based techniques in Internet of Things (IoT) applications and on low-complexity SloT graphs that aid in service discovery to enable real-time and practical applications serving smart cities and large-scale IoT systems. 

Araceli ZavalaAraceli Zavala Ph.D.: Araceli Zavala Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of industrial engineering in the School of Engineering and Science at Tecnológico de Monterrey en Guadalajara. Zavala received her Ph.D. in Engineering Management from the SSE at Stevens Institute of Technology in 2020, where she was awarded the SSE’s Outstanding Dissertation Award for her work on a supply chain visualization framework capable of identifying possible product interruptions through social networks to rapidly detect disruptions prior to impact. Her research concentrates on supply chain resilience, analytics and data visualization.