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SSE Dean’s Virtual Seminar Series Launches with a Focus on the Future of Systems

The latest in systems research is highlighted in faculty lecture series.

Just as systems engineering can make many things in life efficient, relevant and socially impactful, a new lecture series at the School of Systems and Enterprises (SSE) aims to highlight the latest faculty findings in about a half hours’ time. Week by week, presented with innovative lectures and thoughtful Q&As, the “SSE Dean’s Virtual Seminar Series: The Future of Systems” sheds light on the evolution of systems thinking as it seeks to solve some of the most pressing challenges in society.

The weekly lunchtime series, presented by Dr. Yehia Massoud, dean of the School of Systems and Enterprises at Stevens, launched on July 15 to keep students and the Stevens community informed about faculty research while creating a forum for brief but engaging dialogue.

“At the School of Systems and Enterprises, we’re excited about finding new ideas to make systems faster, more efficient and more expedient, and this series will focus on the research being done at the school to advance the future of systems,” said Dean Massoud, welcoming students, faculty, administration and guests to the inaugural session.

The lectures will demonstrate the breadth of research being conducted at Stevens. Forthcoming topics, slated to run throughout the fall 2020 semester, will range from applying systems knowledge to improve healthcare outcomes to gleaning more about the Earth from space missions to optimizing fuel consumption and emissions in automobiles.

For a description of all the lecture presentations, visit the series event page. For those who are unable to attend the live Zoom sessions, lectures from the SSE Dean’s Virtual Seminar Series will be recorded and made available online.