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Hady Salloum Receives $3.3M Award to Develop Underwater Acoustic Sensor System

The award will allow Salloum and his team to continue the development of systems that can detect and monitor intruders on public waterways.

Photo of Hady Salloum

Hady Salloum, director of the Maritime Security Center and the Sensor Technology and Applied Research (STAR) Center at Stevens Institute of Technology, was recently awarded a grant of $3.3 million from iModalGround, LLC for the development of an underwater acoustic sensor system.

His project, entitled “Research for the Commercialization of the Passive Acoustic Underwater Intruder Detection System,” includes the development of a robust, environmentally hardened, manufacturable, underwater acoustic sensor system that can detect, monitor, and classify possible intruders on public waterways—such as ocean, rivers, and lakes. Salloum and his team will also develop acoustic classification algorithms to detect waterborne activity, integrating data from the acoustic sensors and classification algorithms into field communications equipment and databases to facilitate real-time alerting capabilities.