Forbes Ranks Online Software Engineering Master’s Program No. 2

Forbes Advisor ranked Stevens’ online Software Engineering master’s program second nationally in a story published on Nov. 9, 2023.

Forbes, one of the preeminent financial publications in the world, considered 16 data points, focused on student experience and future outcomes, and financial considerations, to compile its rankings.

On its website, Forbes said the following regarding Stevens’ high ranking: "The program incorporates real-world examples and provides a strong foundation in software engineering practices and principles. Students learn software architecture, risk management and technical planning."

Software Engineering is one of five graduate programs offered within Stevens' School of Systems and Enterprises, all of which are available online. The Software Engineering master’s program combines a deep core in software engineering principles and practices with application to a series of increasingly complex systems challenges drawn from the real world. Students are equipped with advanced knowledge in software architecture, project management, technical planning, risk management and software assurance – areas that are essential in implementing and overseeing software-intensive projects of high technical complexity.

Stevens' online Software Engineering program comprises 10 courses – six core and four electives – for a total of 30 credits.

Learn more about Stevens' online Software Engineering graduate program HERE.

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