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Survey: More Wary of AI 

Americans have become significantly more wary about the promise and pitfalls of artificial intelligence, according to a recent Stevens Institute of Technology-sponsored national poll. 

Stevens’ 2023 survey reveals that only 38% of participants now believe that the benefits of AI outweigh the negatives, compared to 48% in 2021. 

 Robot hand reaching outThe findings stem from Stevens’ TechPulse Report, “A Perspective on Americans’ Attitudes Toward Artificial Intelligence", a poll of 2,200 adults conducted this past April on behalf of Stevens by Morning Consult. The survey’s goal: to compare trends longitudinally with Stevens’ previous TechPulse survey in 2021 and poll new questions on perceptions of generative AI. 

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Cover of the Stevens indicator, showing a collage and the words "Ready, Set, Startup"The ‘New’ Stevens Indicator 

This Fall 2023 issue of Stevens Indicator unveils a redesign presented at a pivotal moment: Stevens stands at its strongest position by all available measures; a new brand has been widely embraced, as efforts continue to enhance Stevens’ reputation; and ways in which our readers consume print media are changing. 

Earlier this year, The Indicator team surveyed readers and held discussions with alumni, Stevens Alumni Association and university leadership, students and staff. This magazine reflects their feedback, with more content on Stevens’ research, university progress and alumni voices, a mix of shorter and longer pieces, and more powerful visuals. 

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 Key on a keychainEnhancing Access in Undergrad Admissions 

At the conclusion of each admissions cycle, Stevens evaluates its processes and makes necessary adaptations. This year, the institution has refined its approach to eliminate barriers and enhance accessibility for all students. New initiatives such as Early Action, continued test optional admissions and joining the esteemed Coalition for College network — providing connections with community-based organizations — underscore this commitment. These adjustments align with the university’s strategic mission to cultivate a supportive, inclusive environment conducive to student growth, resilience and accomplishment. Ongoing endeavors include scholarships, financial literacy programs and a reimagined ACES (Accessing Careers in Engineering and Science) initiative. As Stevens progresses, it continues to lead in reshaping education for all. 

Mens volleyball team posing in front of the WhitehouseWhite House Honors National Champion Ducks 

The Stevens Men’s Volleyball team made history in April when it captured the Division III Championship with a 3-1 victory over North Central College. It was the second national championship for men’s volleyball, which also earned the title back in 2015. 

In June, the team reaped another thrilling honor as it joined 47 other national championship teams at the White House for the inaugural College Athlete Day. Vice President Kamala Harris saluted more than 1,000 athletes gathered on the South Lawn. 

“Only the best of the best become a national champion, and that is you all,” Harris said. “And I know it wasn’t easy. You made tremendous sacrifices — training through injuries, birthdays, vacations, and even a pandemic. You know, all of you, what it means to commit and to persevere.”