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22 Things to Love About the University Center Complex

22. The Views!


19-21: The Gallery, Inclusive Facilities and Student Spaces

Group of people inside the gallery space, socializing or looking at their phones.Jeff Vock19. The Gallery

It is not an art gallery — though this relaxing lounge with full windows facing east and south toward the majestic New York Harbor could gracefully accommodate works of art. But with comfortable couches and chairs, calming river views — and a chill vibe — it has been called the campus’ living room. A large projector screen could preview movies; Dave Zimmerman ’90, executive director of University Events at Stevens, envisions small performances. But “The Gallery,” which also hosts meetings with its many AV tech features, will surely be a quiet spot, too — a place to refresh and renew, and enjoy the river views.

Students gathered around table on their laptops with SGA sign behind them.Ed Collier20. Student Club Offices

Arriving on the second floor of the University Center, you’ll see an array of sparkling new student offices surrounding a Student Commons area filled with long tables for study, collaboration and conversation. “It allows students to hang out, study, congregate — we never had anything like this before,” says Leo Pedraza, assistant dean of students.

The offices are now home to some of the most iconic student groups on campus: the Student Government Association (SGA), The Stute student newspaper, The Link yearbook, the Honor Board and the Graduate Student Council. Vintage student photos decorate the walls of the commons. The Link and The Stute share a Media Lab, with new computers to design their widely read publications, and individual offices to meet, plan and store equipment. Stute Editor in Chief Sanjana Madhu, Class of 2023, was still moving into the paper’s office at press time, but she is excited to decorate the new space with Stute memorabilia, and to have an office at the center of campus. “Having an office inside the UCC will place The Stute in the hub of the university, which will certainly give us more exposure to the wider Stevens community,” she says.

SGA President Gab Poska ’23 also praises the student clubs commons as a “great hub” for students to meet between classes, for its much-needed collection of meeting rooms, and as an ideal location for SGA.

“We plan to post a suggestion box by our door, and we will host an ample number of office hours, which means the door to our office will always be open”— for students’ questions, concerns, ideas, she says.

All Gender Restroom sign.Ed Collier21. Gender-Inclusive Restrooms and Locker Room

Stevens’ new community hub has restrooms to serve its diverse community. In addition to designated men’s and women’s facilities, the University Center Complex features single-occupancy all-gender restrooms on every floor of the building. The building’s fitness center also includes a single-occupancy all-gender locker room. At Stevens, everyone may use restrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their gender identity or their sex at birth, or use facilities that are designated as Gender Inclusive. Gender-Inclusive facilities, which are also available in many other buildings across campus, reflect Stevens’ wider commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all students, alumni, faculty, staff members and visitors.