Workday FAQs

About Workday

Q. What is Workday?
A: Workday is a system for managing HR, Benefit, and Payroll business processes. 

Q. What can I do with Workday?
A: Just like Employee Self-Service, you can change information such as contact information, emergency contact, W-4 withholding allowances, and payroll direct deposit accounts. You can also view information such as your pay stubs, benefit elections, tax elections and W-2 forms.

Q. Who can use Workday?
A: Any university employee including faculty, other academic appointees, staff, temporary and student employees with a valid CWID will have access to Workday.

Q. Is my information secure in Workday?
A: Yes. Workday employs rigorous security measures at the organizational, architectural, and operational levels to ensure that data, applications, and infrastructure remain safe. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to protect your information. We are encouraging everyone to use two factor authentication. You can sign up for DUO.

Getting into Workday

Q. How do I log into Workday?

A: Please visit to log in. Your username and password will be used to login to the portal.

Q. Will I be able to access Workday off campus?
A: Yes, Workday is a web-service that is accessible via-internet connection.

Working in Workday

Q. How do I see my current benefits election?
A: From the Workday home page, click on the Benefits worklet and click on “Benefit Elections.” If you have any questions regarding your benefits, please contact [email protected].

Q. When I make changes in Workday, when do they take effect?
A: For changes that do not require review and approval, your changes will take effect immediately. For changes which require approval, this will depend on internal timelines in your division, school or department.

Q. What if my address in Workday is incorrect, how do I change it?
A: To update personal information, please do the following: 

  1. Select the "Personal Information" application in Workday. 

  2. Select "Contact Information". 

  3. Then, select "Edit" to revise/update either your home address, personal phone number or personal email address 

  4. Select the corresponding section to update

  5. Click "Submit".  Once updated/ revised,  it will go to HR for approval.    

Q. If I need to make changes in my benefit, how can I do this in Workday?
A: Contact [email protected] to determine if your circumstance is considered a Work or Life Event that will allow you to change your benefits elections.

Q. How do I change my legal name in Workday?
A: You can change your legal name by clicking on the Personal Information worklet and select Legal Name Change. You will need to upload a copy of your new Social Security card under Personal Information > Worker Documents.

Q. Can I complete my new hire information in Workday before my first day?
A: Yes. We encourage new faculty, staff, and other employees to complete their onboarding steps in Workday prior to their first day of work. Before your first day, you can enter your personal information (i.e., marital status, ethnicity), contact information, emergency contacts, and your I-9 information. On or after your first day, you will need to log into Workday to complete the additional tasks such as entering bank account information for direct deposit, Compliance Training, Federal Withholding Elections, and to enroll in benefits, if applicable.